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Personal Achievements

The Land Without Night

Collected all achievements.

Thorns of Madness

Defeated Blueblood Dragon.

Innocent Ride of Death

Defeated Blueblood Cavalry Carousel.

Opera Maestro

Defeated Blueblood Count Rosier.

Chaste Reaper

Defeated Blueblood Maiden Milaya.

Dignified Rock Wall

Defeated Blueblood Dragon Mavelus.

The One Who Calls

Defeated Corrine.

Eternal Night

Defeated Ludegert.

Pureblooded Lady

Defeated Mistral.

Aloof Performer

Defeated Christophorus.

One Ending

Viewed an ending.

Ending Redux

Viewed an extra ending.

First Summoning

Summoned a Servan for the first time.

Elite Summoner

Summoned a Servan 100 times.

Summon Master

Summoned Servans 1000 times.

First Order

Gave an order to a Servan for the first time.

Go Get 'Em!

Gave 100 orders to Servans.


Gave 1000 orders to Servans.

First Actualization

Actualized a Servan for the first time.


Actualized 40 Servans.


Actualized 80 Servans.

First Trade

Executed a trade for the first time.

Trade Lover

Executed trades in half of the world.

World Trade King

Executed trades all over the world.

First Quest

Completed first task.

Good Samaritan

Completed 100 tasks.

Jack of All Trades

Completed 300 tasks.

First Arena

Cleared first Arena task.

Battle Freak

Cleared half of Arena tasks.

Arena Conqueror

Cleared all Arena tasks.

Servan Collector

Collected 50% of Servans.

Servan Lover

Collected all Servans.

Item Collector

Collected 50% of items.

Item Maniac

Collected all items.

Chain Noob

Achieved 100-Chain.

Chain Expert

Achieved 300-Chain.

Chain God

Achieved 500-Chain.

Fiend Hunter

Defeated 100 enemies.

Fiend Slayer

Defeated 1,000 enemies.

10,000-Fiend Busta

Defeated 10,000 enemies.

Demon of Purgatory

Transformed into Demon form.

Moon Rabbit of Purity

Transformed into Rabbit form.

Technician of Dreams

Transformed into Phantom form.

Rider of Iron Wall

Transformed into Armor form.

Queen of the Night

Transformed into Nightmare form.

Demon Flute

Arnice equipped Hamelin's Pipe and cleared a battle.

Deathblow of Beauty

Arnice equipped Glass Blade and cleared a battle.

Loyal Allies

Maxed out a Servan's level.

Ultimate Agent

Arnice achieved her max level.