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Paramount War Begins!

Complete a Paramount War chapter

Square Sister Favorites

Complete 50 wanted posters on the Wanted List in WANTED Versus
0 / 50

I'm Gonna Beat Them All!!

Complete a Special Wanted Poster in WANTED Versus

We're Friends!

Unlock over half of the battle characters
0 / 24

Pirate Recruiter

Unlock over half of the support characters
0 / 33

The Legend Begins

Fight an Online Ranked Match

Dive! Full Speed!

Fight an online Player Match

Be my ally!

Unlock a battle character

I've got allies!!!!

Unlock all battle characters
0 / 47

Pirate Dispatch Initiated

Unlock your first support character

Buggy Expert

Unlock all support characters
0 / 65

Keyword Mania

Add 100 entries to the Keyword Log, then view your Collection
0 / 100

First Title

Earn a title

First Emblem

Earn an emblem

I Can Get Stronger

Reach level 5 with any battle character
0 / 5

I smell adventure!!!

Unlock all modes
0 / 6

Help me...

Call out your first support character

I want to be stronger!!!!

Level up a battle character

What Lies Beyond Strength

Level up a battle character to max


Perform a Grand Impact for the first time

All the World Is a Test

Perform a total of at least 10 Unity Chains
0 / 10

Beacon of Return Fire

Perform a total of at least 10 Unity Assists
0 / 10

Our Chance is Over

Perform a total of at least 5 Unity Clashes
0 / 5

See You on the High Seas

Perform a total of at least 30 Ultimate Attacks
0 / 30

Perfect Harmony? Cats & Dogs?

View 50 different appeal events
0 / 50

Where would you like to go?

Complete a battle in every stage
0 / 12

Battle Master

Use at least 30 battle characters
0 / 30

Support Master

Use at least 30 support characters and win the battles
0 / 30

I'm Gonna Surpass You!!

Defeat at least 100 opponents
0 / 100

The Will to Inherit

Swapped with partner at least 100 times
0 / 100

Beli Grubber

Earn at least 100,000,000 Beli in total
0 / 100,000,000

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