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Personal Achievements

Welcome to Ivoire!

Got control of Phantom Isle

A Jill-of-All-Trades

Completed Part 1

Expanding Horizons

Completed Part 2

The Shadow of Sulphur

Completed Part 3

Gathering of Braves

Completed Part 4

Another Marona

Completed the Another Marona extra scenario

Lotsa Friends

Made 20 phantoms at Phantom Isle

Get a Job!

Obtained 20 job classes

Job Master

Obtained all job classes

LV 9999

Reached LV 9999 with Marona, a phantom, or an item

Dungeon Survivor

Completed a Random Dungeon

World Title Holder

Obtained a Rank 7 title

Item Collector

Take 10 items home to Phantom Isle

First Reincarnation

Reincarnated a spiritless character

Ultimate Master!

Unlocked all achievements!

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