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Personal Achievements

Blaze the Sun

Clear the game on Easy Mode.

Glorious Savior of the Earth

Clear the game in Normal Mode.

Against All Odds

Clear the game in Hard Mode.

Supercharged Robot of the Century

Clear the game in Super-Hard Mode.


Clear a stage on any difficulty mode without Vulkaiser or any of the Vulkaiser modules being damaged.

Hitbox Master

Clear a stage in Super Hard mode without Vulkaiser or any of the Vulkaiser modules being damaged.

Careless Pilot

Have one of your Vulkaiser modules destroyed.

Didn’t See That One Coming

Have two of your Vulkaiser modules destroyed.

Are You Doing This on Purpose?!

Have three of your Vulkaiser modules destroyed. Stop it!

The Lonesome Road

Clear TWO STAGES without combining with any of the other pilots.

Inaugural COMBINE!

Combine for the first time.

Creature of Habit

Combine at least three times with the same Vulkaiser module.


Combine three times with all the Vulkaiser modules.
0 / 12


Combine at least once with all the Vulkaiser modules in a single run on any difficulty mode.

Big Red Button

Trigger an Omega Weapon for the first time.

Omega Strike

Trigger three different Omega Weapons.
0 / 3

Omega Extreme

Trigger all Omega Weapons.
0 / 4


Clear the game on any difficulty mode without using the Omega Weapons.

Quietly Beaten

Defeat Roz for the last time before he escapes.


Let Roz escape again.

Monkeys with Atomic Bombs

Score a total of over 120,000 on any difficulty mode.

At the Edge of the Abyss

Defeat any boss battle with only less than 15 seconds remaining.

Drill that Pierces the Heavens!

Defeat Underground Robot NEGIRINGER.

Space Tuna Sashimi

Defeat the Aerobot HENGENGER.

I Want to Believe!

Defeat Invasion Mothership - CIGARINGER.

Never Buy Bootlegs

Defeat Supervillain Robot – WARUKAIGER.

Huge Battleship Exploding Fast!

Defeat Battleship Robot – KONGOUGER.

Planetary Indigestion

Defeat Space Devil – GOGOH.

Deadly New Toy

Destroy 1,000 enemies.
0 / 1,000

Endless Stream

Destroy 5,000 enemies.
0 / 5,000


Destroy 10,000 enemies.
0 / 10,000

Extinction Agenda

Destroy 50,000 enemies.
0 / 50,000

Drill Therapy

Destroy a boss as Drill Kaiser.