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Ich spreche Deutsch & Englisch! My Anime Profile & Info [www.anime-planet.com] Playing Final Fantasy 14 & Nintendo Switch most of the time now. I enjoy designing things in game, playing challenging stuff, and sometimes just relax and enjoy the art.
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:BlackSisterHDD: ♠♣♦♥ About me: ♥♦♣♠ :BlackSisterHDD:

Deutsch, kurze beschreibung:

Ich wohne in Kanada, aber Ich hoffe bald wieder nach Deutschland zurück zu ziehen. Die Deutsche sprache, das essen, die atmosphäre, Ich vermisse das alle, so wie Heide und ihre berge x3 . Oki, Ich kann Deutsch nicht mehr super gut, aber möchte es wieder lernen. Ich hoffe Deutsche freunde zu treffen, und kennenlern, mit dem Ich 90% Deutsch sprechen darf xD Ich bin ein kawaii, chibi, scheu, vampir Wolf, und liebe pets & hugs. Ich liebe alles anime, gaming, und elektronisches musik. Ich mag Nekos/Okamis/Kitsunes/Himederes, oder alles niedlich im algemeinen. Ummm, Ich liebe auch ecchi, und meiste anime die ich mir schaue sind ecchi :3 >.>;;

Ich liebe gotisch mode, und die lolita mode auf frauen ist total ♥.♥ . Obwohl Ich ein mann bin, Ich habe ein grosses interesse an mode, das heisst auch cosplay. So, das ist alles wichtiges, Ich beiss nicht....viel :3 , sag hallo und erzähle mir etwas über anime oder so. ~Awooooo

*Oh! Wenn jemand interesse hat, Ich müsste irgendwo finden zu wohnen. Wenn sie platz haben oder ein suchen mit jemand einen platz zu teilen, sag mir bescheid :3 Ich kann für dich kochen und die hausarbeiten machen wenn es sein muss :3*


*~Aawwoooo, I am a 29 year old male Wolfy. I like to be pet, given treats and cuddled. I am a gaming Wolfy :3 . I like to give pats and hugs to female Neko / Okami / /Kitsune / Himedere. I ish not a furry, just a cute and playful wolfy personality :3. My gaming interests are pouncing on zombies, building massive wolfy homes, and going for adventures and surviving in the wilds, just don't forget my leash if you want to take me for a walk, I don't want to get lost O.O;. I have been a massive gamer for 15+ years and an otaku for 12+. Currently interested in finding a female that fits my personality and is a Neko/Okami/Kitsune/Himedere or something close, is cute, and like to watch/play things together. Bonus points for small/flat chests, more cuteness :3 Cuteness is everything, kukuku

I speak Wolf, German, and English. Would be very interested in learning Japanese sometime.

I am very skilled/knowledgable in anything gaming, tactics & strategy, creative design, anime, music, and leadership/management. I also like to entertain and provide enjoyable content. The video links and screenshots in my Steam will demonstrate my creative potential given a set of resources.

I love gaming, anime, music (EDM,Anime,DJ), and wolf/neko/husky/shiba inu are my favorite animals. I consider myself very skilled at building & design in games specifically, and pretty skilled in a variety of other categories such as racing, shooter, and strategy. What I play will change up constantly but if I have the game installed currently, it is an option for multiplayer. I love anything cute if that hasn't become obvious yet.
I usually have preference to playing/talking with girls, but still make the occassional male friend if there are a lot of similarities.

:BlackSisterHDD: ♠♣♦♥ Other interesting Info: ♥♦♣♠ :BlackSisterHDD:

-Very obssessed with cuteness
-I majorly love the Gothic Lolita Fashion Style on girls
-I myself wear Gothic Punk and hoping to get a Steampunk Fashion Set later on.
-An equal mix of Dandere, Kamidere, Kuudere, somewhat of a Tsundere, and a slight bit of Oujidere
-I'm a huge fan of and strongly support "flat is justice!" :3 , I think flat & shorter is very cute ^.^
-I'm German
-Organized and methodical like nothing anyone has ever seen. Also somewhat of an OCD to perfection.
-Favorite Genres are Horror/Comedy/Racing
-Mega fan of Vampires and I have many Vampiric qualities
-Very good designer in terms of anything visually epic from buildings to clothing to scenery

:BlackSisterHDD: ♠♣♦♥ Primary Activities and Games Played Currently: ♥♦♣♠ :BlackSisterHDD:

:BlackSisterHDD: *~Gaming~* :BlackSisterHDD:
-Final Fantasy 14
-Nintendo Switch

:BlackSisterHDD: *~Anime~* :BlackSisterHDD:
-Working on whatever is in this list currently http://www.anime-planet.com/users/WolfAngelus/anime/watching
-Goal here is 12 eps every day or two

:BlackSisterHDD: *~TV & Movies~* :BlackSisterHDD:
-Really behind in this category, watching mostly paranormal shows currently and going to watch most of the top name movies from the last two years.

:BlackSisterHDD: ♠♣♦♥ Looking For: ♥♦♣♠ :BlackSisterHDD:

I am looking for girls to watch Anime or Game with :3 Must be age 18+ or else I feel like a pedowolf

If adding or contacting, you typically must message first as I am a shy Wolfy so it may take weeks to get me to say something.

:BlackSisterHDD: ♠♣♦♥ Other Stuff: ♥♦♣♠ :BlackSisterHDD:

My Anime Profile & Info [www.anime-planet.com]
My Youtube Channel, with most of my ARK Survival Builds (Rest in Steam Screenshots)

-Almost always online
-Away = playing on console, AFK, or watching stuffs
-Offline = Wolfy nap nap time ^.^

*=Special Traits=*
-Creative Designing
-Elite Strategist
Screenshot Showcase
Raawwwrr, fear Monokuma
Artwork Showcase
Glowing Wolf
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Lowki Jan 30, 2018 @ 11:48am 
yo wolf, I want to get you on board with a project im working on. It's a video about why TU is and will remain a ♥♥♥♥ game, and why Pixeltail Games are horrible devs
spoopy walfychu uwu Jan 26, 2018 @ 9:32am 
Awoooo:awoo: have a howling good day!:howl::HuntressMoon:
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WhyAlwaysMe Nov 25, 2017 @ 8:35am 
dein deutsch geht schon klar
spoopy walfychu uwu Nov 16, 2017 @ 3:28am 
I also LOVE your profile pic!😍