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I'm an Australian with an opinion and a penchant for pissing people off, but otherwise I can be a decent lad to talk to. I'm 23 years old, into many different games, and the owner of my own Discord, which you can join by clicking here []. Apart from all that, I'm nobody special.

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Trying to recommend this game is trying to tell me that I should kill my Palico on Monster Hunter World: It's impossible.

Many of Artix Entertainment's adventures into Lore have been interesting, from the ever-nostalgic AdventureQuest, to the dragon-infested DragonFable, to a Lore where every kid who can't PvP uses Void Highlord on AdventureQuest Worlds. Now we have the most linear and most boring of these Lore adaptations, not to mention the most toxic of communities.

I started playing, got the name Chronicle, got the Chronomancer set, and I was happy not spending any money on the game. Reached the graveyard where everyone else was struggling, and regardless of the many people that are in the area, nobody was interested in helping each other. I do admire, to a full extent, of AE's intention to pull away from the ease of doing everything yourself, to relying constantly on teamwork to push through. While this would normally work, it doesn't when everyone you meet is a constant jerk. Even some of the most recognisable faces in AQ3D would rather brag about what items they have over helping the newer players who haven't a clue. It's become so biased and it's hasn't had a long full release yet.

Let's not mention a lie that has doomed the game from the very start. It had been started that "as we have always said, micro-currency will never pay-to-win power but will be used to (among other things) save time", which was intended for the crafting system, but the rest of the game is reliant on being as rich as a guy with a Burning Flames Team Captain on TF2 just to catch up from level 1 without missing out. The kickstarter rewards, not to mention, are nonsensical. Instead of physical items that can be souvenirs from a time where you provided monetary assistance to get the game out, you're instead treated to virtual items that may/may not provide a headstart to a game that was meant to be free of the P2W stigma. Instead, they've since welcomed it. It's the typical Steam MMO we hoped it wouldn't be.

It's such a shame. As Artix von Krieger's friend and fan, I'm utterly disappointed with how AQ3D turned out. Sad to say, there's no way to fix it.

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Brandon | Aug 1 @ 12:14am 
I am gonna miss you grimm. you had been really cool and good to us and i really care about you mate just stay strong
Grimm we're here for you if something in your life is causing this anger and toxicity. I do understand you being abused by many in UGC. You've already told me about it. If that's what's causing this anger you can always talk to us about it. I understand your anger towards the staff but to people like me? Many of us know that the community has gotten to a very low level. Iv'e never done anything to you Grimm. Iv'e always respected you when you were admin or not, but I don't know if I can still respect you when you're like this: Toxic, angry, salty, etc. And if you are going to delete this comment, before you do, just know that people here in the UGC community still care about you.
We'll miss you :(
Where you is my dude
TTD™ | Scarlet Asu Apr 8 @ 4:16am 
Grim, where have you gone sweetie?
♠ Snivy Cykes Mar 9 @ 12:42pm 
“Silence!” -Simon Blackquill 2013