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Looks cool and funny but never managed to start a real game :(. 12 players at the same time in the lobby and after 45 minutes nothing. Lobby simulator sadly.

I don't know why producers even bother with patches if you still can't find any game 0.o
Posted October 31, 2018.
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Early Access Review
First of all: Prducers did lie in the trailer!! The game doesn't look nearly as good as it looks in the trailer even on high-end PC but...

This is a GREAT game!

If you like Rust but you are annoyed by ppl who just shoot you on sight without saying a thing, if you like survival crafting type of games but think that the game you play at the moment lack of PvP or PvE either, if you like E-sport feeling in games, if you like to really co-op with your teammates via voice communication asking them if you can poop roght now or is it too risky at the moment, and most of all if you just thought that Battle Royale/Hunger Games type of game would be something brilliant...This is the game just for you!

Only thing is that you need to get lucky to run it smoothly/kinda smoothly on your PC. I am happy owner of the weakest graphic card that can run the game and I'm kinda glad that everybody runs this game with low/not very amusing graphics as me. This game doesn't look beautiful on any stream I watched...STILL: This is an outstanding game with deep feeling of danger. You can die after a fist fight just in the circle after the game starts (00:25) and...you are gone, dead and never to be alive again. You have to join another server. Everything can kill you (BEWARE Dragonflies!) and if you not gonna' play safe and have consciousness of your weak human body you WILL DIE!

Main cons of this title are:
Annoying ppl whistling and air punching in lobby for the feel of being in mental asylum (Developers please disable it -.-)
Great amount of time spending in unhandy inventory and craft menu.
Because the most ppl are new to the game they can't tame dinos...and taming a lot of dinos and going just to the starting circle waiting for a tameable Dragon or epic loot seems to be 80% win-rate startegy.
A bit broken (imho) basebuilding.

This game is extremely fun, good survival Battle Royale-like arena.
Lacks of optimization HARD. Since it is only an Early Access and it is one of my favourites online FREE 2 PLAY (yay! ^_^) games it can be a very fun to play and watch E-sport. Just let the audience listen to the tribe conversation for a while during the game for the great laugh (communication role and planning is so funny in this game XD). Just work on strategy balance, fix some issues and it will be a BIG title in the future and plz don't do any in-game cash shop!

EA: 9,5/10
Potential: 11/10
Posted March 21, 2016.
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This game bores me very quickly. It's all chaos around and I keep realising that I'm lost in class selection screen for a long minutes because every class seems to be so unappealing. Btw. class selection screen is the best in the entire game because it plays different tones while you highlight a character. TF 1 was better imho.
Don't like Quake = probably dislike TF2
Love Quake = probably love TF2 even more.
Posted July 6, 2015.
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This game is almost perfect. Unfortunately too short, too many the same patterns in missions and Multiplayer is bugged...which sucks the most!!!
Posted December 27, 2013.
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