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Death's Door is honestly a magnificent game. Everything from its presentation, to the story, combat and characters all ooze charm.

Starting from the top the story is amazing, it's very simple at the start but then expands and really starts to build off itself. Each area in the game has its own self-contained story that then branches back into the overarching story. It really helps make the story add up and as well as the post game expands on the story, which I will not got into depth here for spoilers reasons.

Combat wise it's soooo buttery smooth, the game handles like a dream and right off the bat that's what hooked me immediately. It has the same feeling as Hades combat, rolling into attacks, rolling it into a bow shot into two hits. Dodging feels very nice and responsive, combat feels intuitive and responsive and never becomes a thing I dread. However, dying or entering a door does reset all enemies which for some people could be seen as a downside. Upgrades feel very nice, and rewarding as well as not overly needed in most cases. It really shows you the strength of a minimal progression system and rewards the player for improving rather than just constantly getting tons more damage.

As for characters each feel charming and unique, each expanding on the world and as well as the story. For the two main interacting bosses (Frog King & Pot Grandma) they feel like a persistent threat, not making you feel bad but challenging you to come and fight them, they each feel vastly unique and offer a great sense of victory once overcoming them with the respective new powers gained from their areas. Betty the final boss of the 3rd area doesn't feel like a super important character and serves its point for that part of the story, I do wish there was a bit more with her and how she affects the zone she's apart of, but regardless I have no real complaints from how she was handled here.

My only real grips with the game can be boiled down to: the ice combat is just not enjoyable and made me not a very happy camper, and some of the upgrades to the magic abilities mainly the fire one, is so unbelievably frustrating to fight due to the nature of the arena and how janky the fire orbs interacted when jumping. Still was a major challenge and rewarded you for going off the beaten path to find these bosses.

All and all this game is honestly wonderful, the art style is so beautiful and uniquely simplistic, the music is so so good I can't explain it; the combat feels so so good, the characters are amazing and the grips are only a small part of such an amazing game. If you are on the fence about this game, I highly highly recommend it. It's a story game so it does have an end, the post game is fun and intriguing, doesn't make you feel like the game is holding your hand at all times and gives you a great start in the tutorial before letting you loose to experience the game. It can be frustrating at times but it's definitely on my top 10 favorite games.
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