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I don't have much of information other than to not be rude or prudent, also do comment why you're adding. But anyways, here, have a short story of mine:

No, no, continue. I wanna hear your heart.

I’m going to explain a pink nightmare.

Their pencil stroke with ease, knows the words already by muscle memory and their mind is complacent, fit already in what to speak. Feel.

A pink nightmare is just that. A nightmare. They’re rather scary. Poignant things. Memories of people you said goodbye to. That’s all.

That’s all. That’s all?

They look at the sentence and ponder, figure already that the insert of reader into the narrative fill the holes already. Memories of people, yes, you told goodbye. Sad memories because you can’t relive them.

They place down their pencil and smile and pick up the paper.

Then tear it apart.

More words, more words are scratched into paper, more paper is ruined and tossed, recycled, not recycled, the memories more sadder, more personal, losing the reader, focusing on author. Only the author.

The mind is already complacent. They struggle to find more words. They repeat the first draft, write it twice, cursive, in another language, backwards, in code, it’s a tedium. They write still.

A pink nightmare.., Yes what else? Just what else?! A pink nightmare is what I had this morning.

It was at the end of sleep and I saw someone. It was like normal. They spoke with me and me back. There were subtle details, a pause in the words, a waiver of the eyes as they looked for what to speak and even awkward pauses, lost thoughts, abrupt thought that I couldn’t respond to at times. The same to them. We talked and talked. People I was friends with, people I loved, people I ruined things with. It was all delightful.

The worst part was that I never told them goodbye.

They can feel a bitter tear at their cheek as they gnash their teeth.

That’s how I remembered it was still a nightmare.

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