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I don't have much of information other than to not be rude or prudent, also do comment why you're adding. But anyways, here, have a short story of mine:

“While walking through the woods, Jeremy saw a beer.”

There was a serene in his eyes, the trickles of light a ditsy array of broken glimmers with a dome of arched limbs and leaves all to encompass his sky. Green and brown, the arrangement of such colors a certain combination that provided the needed confirmation of a forest at peak life. He didn’t relate very well to it though. He figured, he was much like the shadows in this place. A background that observed from a distance, obscured and quiet, ever shifting as the Sun demanded. He was simply a ghost. Haunting the scene, at one with the darkness.


But there was something that stood out to him. Nothing bad that froze him to this moment amongst the creepers and shrubs. It wasn’t like the bark of trees or the sprouted spare weed. It was red, a removed creation from the urban life and to that of which the touch of man waned. Why was that here? Why leave that ? Of all the things why that ?

There must’ve been a teen or a certain careless adult that roamed this part. Either on an agenda, like the man’s own, or for only pleasure. Either way, the protection of the environment was listless. For the Hunter, his hope was broken.

There was perhaps a sip of ale, a tiny fading oasis that could touch his throat with a craving he’d abandoned in all this time. It was perfectly placed, the stool within it perhaps barely touched by the passing rains or bug. It was at perfect rest for him.

But this was what he came here for. To forget what was and live a life of true purpose. One not controlled by the hand upon the cup. Not one controlled by the elixir of regret. But he was nearing, a certain smile churning his cheeks as a guilty eagerness shook his hands. Yet it also gave way to a sweat on his brow, a certain knowing, a certain whisper of knowing what was right forbid him.

It was the same hand that held his cups, that pulled the trigger.

The ping of aluminum, a splash of brown. That’s all it took before he remembered why he left his old way of life. And became a Hunter.

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This is by far one of the Greatest games I have ever played in my life.

For some context: I'd never really taken on an interest in JRPGs due to a favoring towards FPSs but while I had that narrow mindness this game was the one to break my shell. I'd heard about this game after the bountiful amount of fan art for 2B and when I saw that it was on sale and had lovely reviews I figured I'd check it out.

Boy oh boy I was in for a surprise.

Review: I've never had something touch my heart like this game has. Through the complex themes of purpose and the fear of the unknown, I've truly just... If I were to describe it, it'd have to be something the along the lines of smiling as my cheeks became sparking with tears. Yoko Taro is a mad man but he's a mad man on a quest to make you throw away all the dread of your life and see things from a new perspective. Death and rebirth, a world that thrives in the 4th wall breaks and application of everything from your hud to your very own death. It's all apart of the world and something that isn't simply a game mechanic. To you and the character, these things are the tools by which your bound to and use as an intractive display with the setting. Gah! Can't be ramblin' now, huh?

That music is a wonderous thing for the ear. You quite literally lose yourself to the rhytm and simply can't help but immersing yourself into a battle or exploration as that music makes out everything you do to be either a tranquil belevolence or a malevolent danger, the enemy you clash with a foe worthy of more than a simple gloss over and a keen focus. Fun fact: That music has lyrics to represent the language drift that would have occured in distance of thousands of yeras since the previous entry into the series. It's final subtle touchs that truly make this game different. You can feel the passion put into things like that and as scuh, truly feel like your playing in the heart of someone that wants you to understand. Can't deny it, this♥♥♥♥♥♥is mad insane with how it presents itself.

Play all the quest. I cannot reinforce this as much as I can but seriosuly, play 'em all. They add so much to the story and unlike most games where the quest have no real impact or story they all tie in well with the theme of finding purpose and what it means to be human. They can be a bit borin' as the dreadful escort missions do exist but for the most part they're diversed and you'll run into enemies you wouldn't have fought anywhere else. Plus that damn loot....

Oh yeah, about the damn loot. It's like everything in this game truly is for somethin'. Even upgrading your weapons. I reckon you do so as there's stories to them. Of course, some of them are call backs to the previous entries while others are there own unique tellings. They all rich with interestin' pieces of info and short spiels that'll make you curious to the weapon you used. Either a weapon that wrought death upon its previous owner or a weapon that gives you insight into a drama of some kind. Who knows. Play to find out~

The Bad: This game has minor hiccups but through out my experiance I had no run ins for the most part. But if you feel compelled, there's a mod refered to as "FAR" you can installed to fix most of the issues. Other things to note would have to be the extensive playing you have to do to progress the story and the B route. In Yoko Taro fashion, you must replay the game to gain the true ending (that I won't be spoilin' here~) and as such, dependin' on if you have little time or simply lose interest quick you'll more than likely catalouge this game in your library and never play it again. And about the B route. While playing 9S he has a bit of an OP mechanic that's fun for the first 1 hour or two but after 10 hours or even more (depending on if you're doin' all the quest) it becomes rather tedious. You can bite the bullet and just enjoy it. It's what I did but I know for some it's a bit of a slog.

One final bad thing would have to be of course, the previous entries into this game. In Yoko Taro fashion the lore of Nier:Automata is a bit of a convuluted mess but it compliments the game overall. Though, for those that want proper context of things... I got some bad news for you. Of course, you don't have to play the previous games to get Nier:Automata but if you want some more context to how things came to be you'll have to start diggin' through the lore of Draken Guard 1, Draken Guard 3, and Nier. If you do so, I can assure you you'll feel more appreciation for game. But anyways, that just about sums up my review of this lovely piece of media and I hope it's enough to convice you to hop aboard this roller coaster of emotions. Peace~ (probs will edit for spellin' errorz)

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