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Posted: May 12, 2019 @ 2:32pm
Updated: Nov 26, 2019 @ 10:11am


Well, that didn't turn out so good. It's absolutely disheartening to see what happened to this game. I truly had hope in Nightdive to fix the problems this port had and it has overwhelmingly disappointed me.

Major bugs still exist in this game such as crushers not functioning correctly, Phantasms still struggle to be able to hit me, Zombies still make the incorrect noises and, damage is still off on a lot of weapons. It truly makes me quite sad to see how this game turned out. And it doesn't really look like they will be fixing it any time soon or ever again as they have shifted the responsibility to Atari (good luck getting in contact).

My final notes are if you really can't take the extra five minutes to download NBLOOD or BloodGDX like you have to do for DOOM on steam or you want to play online deathmatch or multiplayer with your friends, Yes I recommend this game but for the singleplayer side of this game I recommend getting Blood: One Unit Whole for cheaper and downloading one of previously mentioned ports as opposed to this game.


Blood is one of my personal favorite video games ever. It stands toe to toe with games like Duke Nukem 3D, Half life, and the DOOM series. Nightdive has done an amazing job at revamping the game to be up to par for modern gaming expectations. The game feels smoother, actions feels more responsive, jumping feels great. Overall i'd say they did a pretty bang up job.

However, it does have some problems. There are quite a few bugs and sound issues that hinder my satisfaction with the product, such as, Cultists making noises they never have before, Zombies making the wrong noise for dying and faking death, enemies not playing their respective alert noises when spotting the player, Enemies just sort of wander when they notice the player, Phantasms struggle to get close enough to strike the player, and interaction with switches is awkward and sometimes don't work at all. However a good majority of these problems are unnoticeable to a new player to Blood.

That said, this brings up another good point. The game really has nothing to offer someone who is a Blood veteran and owns the original game. The only thing it can offer is a functional multiplayer system and even then, the game lacks a private lobby option. Everything this port has going for it can be gotten through other ports like BloodGDX or NBlood. I imagine that all of these problems will be sorted out in due time.

I truly do believe that with some bug fixes and additions through community feedback this version of Blood can rival or even top the other ports. Nightdive is one of the best companies at correcting their mistakes. I have full faith that this game will be much better than it is right now. But at this time, you should just buy Blood: One Unit Whole on steam and download either BloodGDX or NBlood.
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