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-- Computer Name: Dreaming Neon Black --
--CPU: Intel® Eighteen Core™ i9-7980XE Processor OC @ 3.8GHz
--GPU: MSI GeForce™ GTX 1080 Ti -- 2032 Core Clock 2106 Memory Clock
--Memory: 64 GB RAM (DDR4 3200MHz G.SKILL Trident Z RGB)
--Sound: Creative Sound Blaster AE-5
--HDDS: 2x 1TB m.2 SSD 670R, 640W + 1TB Samsung Evo SSD
--Display: ULTRA-WIDE CURVED LG 2650x1080, 166Hz W/ G-Sync
--PSU: Corsair AX1200i Modular Power Supply
--LED Fans: 6x Corsair LL series RGB 120MM fans
--Liquid Cooling: CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i V2 Water Cooler
--LED Strips: 4x SATECHI Strips with IR Remote
--Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
--Noise Dampening: Professional Quiet-Tech Sound Deadening
--Sound System: 2.Stereo- 2x Infinity 180ohm "Studio Monitor" speakers with Pioneer Optical/HDMI Stereo Receiver.
--Headset: Audio Technica ATH-M50X (Using Razer Surround for Gaming)
--Microphone: Audio Technica AT20-20
--Webcam: Logitech HD 1080P+@30FPS Ultimate Edition
--Mouse: Razer Basilisk Chroma set to 800 DPi (QUAKE CHAMPIONS: 2.5 Sensitivity)
--Keyboard: Razer Ornata Chroma
--Gaming Keypad: Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma
--Surface: Razer Golathius Extended Chroma
--Gaming Chair: DXRacer QUAKE EDITION
--VR: HTC Vive (with ReVive for Oculus exclusives)

Sponsee / endorser of Mountain Dew as gaming fuel, along with Mountain Dew Kickstart and AMP - 99% of the time You'll see me with DIET Mountain Dew. ;)

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♥♥♥♥ing Brilliant - Is tied in my Top 3 RPG's of all time list.

I originally purchased 'The Witcher' after reading positive reviews about a week after launch - With the Death metal band VADER helming the official music video that I checked out on youtube; it was SOLD for me, I purchased it via Direcct2Drive as it was not on the Steam Platform at that time. TW1 on its launch was hailed by critics and myself for having an amazing story - and even more impressive: (Re-Coding the BioWare ?Aurura?) engine used for Neverwinter Nights into a Third Person Action / Tactical combat system; with optional WASD movement.
-As soon as The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings popped up on Steam for pre-order I pre-ordered with huge excitement. I checked out the system requirements and I had just ordered my 560 ti SLI's from that era; along with 120hz monitor and Nvidia 3D Vision 1.0 -
-Once it came to launch day I was able to play everything on Ultra aside from having Ubersampling on (Now with my 780 ti's in SLI ubersampling is cake; it was also 100% smooth when I had SLI 680's and SLI 780 GTX MSI OC edition) - The Visauls set the bar for the Genre, perhaps "in house" engines in general. The art design was outstanding, dark and gritty edged with realism in every nook and cranny. The lighting/Shadow, weather+day cycles all realistically done in a mind blowing fashion.
"Nvidia 3D Vision Ready" - I popped on the original Nvidia 3D vision 1.0 wireless glasses with the old asus 120Hz monitor I had. This may still be the most brilliant 3D vision title ever released. Geralt's swords literally (unsheath and just stand holding it) would pop out in a way that it seemed the blade was coming a foot+ out of the screen and right into my face; the tip of the blade. - I had an entire play in 3D Vision and it was the most astonishing "3D" experiences of my lifetime in gaming. I've completed the game 5 times, with one being totally 3D Vision, one Playthru when I got my 680's initially, then began a playthrough that I finished when I received my 780s (each series I had dual SLI) - Seeing the transformation of all ultra with Ubersampling enabled from SLI 560ti's to 680's was outstanding and jaw dropping; then not worrying about hitting 70Cish once I git my 780's was even more-so outstanding -laughs- : I was still being held back a bit in overall performance due to my CPU an AMD 8150 that would bottleneck such great CPU's; and using all 4 slots on my MOBO for ram with an AMD CPU is a no-go idea for performance; as I had 16 gigs of G.Skill ripjaws. - despite this I finished that play, and finally decided to play it with a non "Vernon Roche" chapter 2 (yeah I was stubborn, I always intedned on the next play being the completely different chapter 2 but had to keep going with Vernon Roche's ideals as it felt like who I was as a player, and the Geralt I wanted to play as.
I upgraded my CPU to an AMD 9370 8 core liquid cooled at 5.0GHz, and grabbed 2x8GB G.Skill Trident X's with very low (fast) timings and higher over-all speed of the ram and saw amazing boosts in all my benchmarks; and Played thru-once more. I began a playthru again; just completing all but one of the interrogation flashbacks with Vernon Roche - When I upgraded my SLI 780's to SLI 780 ti's (Each Nvidia GPUs mentioned have been the MSI Manufactured versions). The 780 Ti being the fastest GPU ever created with 1GHz faster memory speed per card than the prior "OC Gaming Edition" 780's I had, and 800 more Cuda cores amongst other very impressive improvments.
- Having a 144hz monitor with Nivida G-Sync Kit attached in and working (the asus 144hz Nvidia 3D Vision 2.0 / Nvidia lightboost 24 inch monitor came G-Sync kit ready 6 months prior to G-Sync being announced; I am glad this was the monitor I purchased back then; I was dissapointed when I read about G-Sync specific monitors then elated when I saw this was the only current monitor that was G-Sync Upgradable.
- For the most recent play-through I contacted Nvidia for a G-Sync kit; used a phillips head on the back of the monitor and easily plugged in the chip (has a nice clear and labled spot for it to just plug right in) It's hard to even describe the difference until you actually groove with it and see / play with it yourself! My PC is totally ready for Geralt's Finale in the gaming franchise (I have yet to read the original books that the games are based)

With many RPG's coming out for each platform; I had a huge J-RPG crush during the SNES-PSX era; Highlights being FF2 cartridge(FF4)-FF3 Cartridge(FF6) and the reason I purchased a PSX for the timeless Final Fantasy Vii, The dissapointing FF8 comes to mind as I forced myself to play it due to hype and having it pre-ordered the same date the Dreamcast was released on 9-9-99, and then despite having amazing adventures on my PC With Baldurs Gate 1-2, Planescape Torment etc - I gave Final Fantasy IX a chance which blew me away and was able to give Square another chance in my book; for the awful FF8; releasing a rather fantastic and "Interesting FF9" - Still J-RPG's forced linerality which defenders proclaim "It's about the story" (It seems these defenders have never played PLANESCAPE TORMENT or Baldurs Gate 2 The Witcher 1 suffered SOME gameplay and combat elements for an excellent story; Dragon Age Origins and The Witcher 2 had far superior stories than any J-RPG I've played without the lineraty style seen in J-RPG's, but thats a battle between fan's that will never end as JRPG diehards assume any PC/Western RPG is an Elderscrolls style Open World Title with very poor story (Although Morrowind <3 <3 had a rather excellent story; despite the shallow characters that Bethesda still continues on with)
- Perhaps the Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition release on The Xbox 9800 or whatever (Atari Jaguar 720 etc) was an excellent wake up call to many console Atari Joystick gamers; they got to finally experience our 2011 GOTY / RPG of the year; which then was a GOTY candidate and RPG of the year winner again in 2012 due to the Enhanced Edition console release (Confusing indeed.) which brought more revenue and spotlight towards the wonderful minded CDProjektRED; without that occuring and having TW3 be multi-platform (WITH PC as the Ultimate Intended platform still; partnering with Nvidia for hardware owning only options that are mindblowing in the Press Conference highlighting them all by Nvidia <3) - Then perhaps TW3 would not have been on the cover of Game Informer pumping up people who perhaps didn't even notice the 360 version on store shelves as "Skyrzrimz" is all they've ever heard of in the Role-Playing Game Format; or "Falloutz" Not that these titles have anything wrong with them The general public just murders anything excellent with their subpar Console versions while being blown away by the graphics (I saw skyrim on a friends 360 and threw up in my mouth a little)

-I was sent a promo copy of the 360 version to review due to CDPR knowing my love for The White Wolf and his awesome adventures, I grabbed a 360 and blasted through the 360 form of the title which seemed to have pushed the console to its limits and then some, arguably the best looking 360 title to date - I was happy gamers who settle with 8 year old hardware could enjoy TW2 on Less than Medium PC settings!
-Now with The Wicther 3's release looming; my PC being ready for the game to run smooth on Ultra; I cannot wait to be immersed completely rec. footage via Nvidia Shadowplay & Twitch.TV No Death Ruleset streams; with SLI 780 ti's prepared for all the Nvidia exclusive hardware graphical / immersive implementations that will not be possible with the "Next Gen hardware from 2010" consoles but when I shut up and think about it, Atleast more people are still experiencing TW2 and will experience TW3 (even if it is subpar to the build we'll be pre-ordering here on Steam).

Geralt The Riv. Geralt of Rivia, The White Wolf.
We have more adventures in store for us.
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