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Personal Achievements


Unlocked all trophies.

Fighting Entertainment

Fought debut match (excluding training and offline player vs. player matches).


Changed your main fighter.

Fledgling Fighter

Fought against computer in the VERSUS mode.

Cleared ARCADE course

Cleared a course in the ARCADE mode.

Cleared TIME ATTACK course

Cleared a course in the TIME ATTACK mode.

Cleared SURVIVAL course

Cleared a course in the SURVIVAL mode.

Training Hard

Used Free Training mode for 1 hour.

Exercise Newbie

Completed Command Training for a single character.

DOA Rookie

Attempted Tutorial.

A Fighter is Born

Completed all lessons in Tutorial.

A New Challenger Appears!

Attempted Combo Challenges.

Unchallenged Champion

Completed all Combo Challenge lessons for a single character.

Adept Shopper

Bought a costume in the Wardrobe.

Wise Manners

Bought a title in the Wardrobe.

Records Keeper

Checked the Fight Records.

The Observer

Watched a COM vs. COM battle in the Theater.

Learning From the Past

Watched a replay in the Theater.


Purchased additional BGM.


Purchased DOA Encyclopedia in the Library.

Star Catcher

Collected one ☆ during a quest.

Star Dust

Received 10 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode.

Milky Way

Received 100 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode.

Rival Rumble

Fought in your first ranked match.

Rival Rampage

Fought in 10 ranked matches.

Rival Deathmatch

Fought in 100 ranked matches.

Fighting For Real

Won 1 Ranked Match.

The Hungry One

Won 20 Ranked Matches.

The Capable One

Won 50 Ranked Matches.

The Show-off

Won 5 consecutive Ranked Matches.

A Fight to Remember

Saved a replay.

Rushing It

Won a match by executing a Fatal Rush attack (excluding offline PvP matches).

Smashing It

Won a match by executing a Break Blow attack (excluding offline PvP matches).

Grabbing It

Won a match by executing a Break Hold attack (excluding offline PvP matches).

No Escape!

Won a match by executing 3-hit combo after cancelling a Break Blow (excluding offline PvP matches).

NI See Through It All

Won a match receiving 0 damage (offline player vs. player matches excluded).