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Posted: Aug 16, 2021 @ 6:55am

Best RPG I have played in the past years. It is a very strong title. Like Heavy Rain, Dishonored, SOMA, Dragon Age: Origins, Walking Dead, Last of Us, Witcher.
It is like an interactive book. With decisions. With consequences. With unique skills. Memorable characters. Story that is more deep than you can imagine even in the middle of the playthrough.
It is a comedy. It is a drama. It is a world with grey colors in everything: characters, choices, outcomes.
At one moment you will be laughing at great jokes, idiotic situations, main character, somebody else.
At the next moment you will be depressed because of some outcomes.
Beware that gameplay mostly consists of reading and choosing the options, so if you are not into this, you may not like it.
Disco Elysium deserves even more than it's regular price.
This is truly a gem in modern gaming market. Such a pity it happens so rarely.
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