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Aug 28 @ 6:34pm
In topic Price?
it's also not coming out on Steam until Nov apparently
Aug 15 @ 3:05pm
In topic Vertical Sync + NVIDIA Tweaks
This REALLY helped me, thank you!
Aug 15 @ 2:56pm
In topic Price?
Can't wait for the game! Been keeping my eye on this one. Good on PQube for skipping PS4 censorship for the western release.
Aug 15 @ 11:29am
In topic Screen Tearing - Solution
Yeah, I had to disable in game Vsync and turn in on through Nvidia control pannel to make the game enjoyable to play at all for me. In game vsync made the game drop frames and get juddery at random.
Jul 31 @ 11:52pm
In topic Can you get everything for free?
Originally posted by A Random Nerd:
Correct. You can sub which gets you all of the DLC and a bunch of other useful perks, or you can buy the DLC. There's no way to get them for free.

I should note that the subscription for DC Universe Online is Daybreak All Access, which is $15 a month but gets you benefits in Everquest, Everquest II, Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online.

Does the sub allow you to earn achievements for the dlcs?
Jul 31 @ 11:47pm
In topic Game keeps running after exit to desktop
I'm still finding this level game-endingly difficult. There is no reason why such a long level needs this kind of boss at the end. His movements are so unpredictable and can kill you so fast that the last 10-15 mins you spent on the level are all for nothing. I'm sick of grinding the level over and over for a measily bit of coins so I can buy one node on the skill tree and then rense and repeat.

In the great classic FPS games, the abusive difficulty was curbed by the ability to save anywhere and try a boss again and again until you get it. "Pistol Starts" were an optional challenge you could give yourself but even then, it wasn't RNG what kind of weapons you were going to find on the level. This entire game is pistol starts and that would be fine if the balancing and rng wasn't so wonky.
The hiding mechanic during the fire is fine, it's when he teleports and does his rocket thing with splash damage that really grinds my gears.
Originally posted by Final7even:
Just putting in my 2 cents, I've been playing the game all night and this boss was the first thing I can't stand. I'm stuck and got so frustrated because I have to run the entire level again just to get to it that I quit.

Between this level that I really hate and can't beat and the performance issues. I have ended up shelving the game for a bit while I wait for improvements.
This is a great way for games to stand out on the service as the library grows and grows. I have so many recommendations popping up on it for games that I actually do own on PS4 and Xbox. Meaning, it really does a great job at recommending games based on interest. It's just great!
Originally posted by Varenvel The Mildly Grumpy Dino:

I was stuck on 1 map too becouse i chosen bad weapon(stats looked better on paper) and died 4-5 times before i got good gun early on

this can be also frustrating on "boss maps" where if you did chose terrible gun and have to rely on RNG of drops game becomes more frustrating

Function to replay "last" map would be welcome as you could take "other weapon" for boss/lv who is hard for you

Yep, I thought about that too. Either adding a way to explore previous levels for loot and weapons or some sort of randomly generated shop where you can spend coins on weapons could be cool.
Jul 17 @ 4:54pm
In topic Crashing issues
I have had 3 or 4 crashes in about 10 hours of play. It's usually when going to town on an enemy. Honestly the bigger issue for me is stuttering. The game just stutters all the time for me. I've even moved the game onto my SSD to try to alive some of it and while it does seem to improve it, there is still loads of stuttering on my capable rig.

The thing is, I really don't like the mini game, it just doesn't fit. I like the concept, the main character pulling out a GBA is a neat concept, I'm just not sure 2D Platformer with such touchy controls and hit boxes is the best use of that concept.

If it were up to me, I'd just keep the upgrades and remove this version of mini game but this game is also your vision and I don't like telling someone what to do with their own work. So i'll go with 2 for now.
I really think it's the combination of the challenging level with the challenging boss at the end. Either one on their own would be fine but having to slog through the level just to lose progress by dying at the boss is what is making it rough for me.

Again, I realize it's supposed to be a rogue lite and the grind is important, I just think this level is quite the wall imo. I of course don't know what the rest of the game is like after this point so if the rest of the game is this challenging then I suppose it will not feel that out of place.
The +1 Weapon Slot one on World 2 is seriously grinding my gears. There's no room to properly dash.
Jul 17 @ 12:20pm
In topic Opinion: Disavowed Town 4 is too difficult
Up until now, the game was a really smooth and stable climb and felt really natural. I'm stuck on this level now and it just feels completely unfair to have such a large level packed full of exploding enemies and bullet sponges only to get to the end and have the boss destroy you so quickly with the fire attacks. I realize a large portion of the game is supposed to be about grinding the skills but when you don't get the level complete bonuses and weapon sale gold, it feels like it's going to be quite a grind of the same level over and over.

Just some thoughts. Really enjoy the game so far. Thanks for all the hard work.
Jul 16 @ 12:15pm
In topic The GMAN sends his regards
Civvie 11 is awesome but his videos are a bit different than Gmanlives. I think there is room for both.
Jul 12 @ 2:13am
In topic Achievements at launch?
Right on, ty!
Jul 11 @ 11:29pm
In topic Achievements at launch?
Please say yes
Jun 26 @ 6:26pm
In topic Where the achievements at?
As long as they are coming that's good enough for me
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