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When you outfrag everybody on your team but you realize that you only fragged three classes :///

UGC Experience

S18 NA 39th Place Shockwaves Iron 4-4 Main Spy

S19 NA 5th Place NGC "Gold" 7-4 Sub Spy

S21 NA 10th Place #$ Records Silver 5-4 Leader of Team/ Multi-Class Sub

S22 NA 4th Place Aplbes Silver 7-5 Main Spy

S23 NA Whatever Tacos Team's Name Silver Is Ongoing Sub Spy

6's Experience

S21 NA 57th Place The Hot Zones Iron 3-2 Multi Class Main (We dropped mid-season)

S24 NA 12th Place Get Blasted Platnium 3-4 "Sub" Medic/ Plat Roster Rider :P

4's Experience

S11 NA 15th Place Slapp My ButtFace Gold 2-4 (Dropped mid-season)
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Ching Chong Ping Ling
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If you actually analyse what is happening, it's fairly simple to understand. What you're seeing, is not an optical illusion, but more of a perspective differentiation. What is meant by that is, if you consider that the trajectory difference between the furthest two landings is the same; and also that the staircase longitude (geographically speaking) is equidistant you'll begin to realise that the verisimilitude (degraded through visualization) creates an ebullientism that forces said effect.
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+rep gayest straight person I've ever met
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Added to discuss about your Kill-A-Watt Magistrate's Mullet and price.
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added 2 offer
sixes | Aug 8, 2017 @ 5:32pm 
hey, I'm sorry, but I'm not really interested in the bot dogger just because all the sellers are so low, and I really couldn't offer better than the buyers on backpack :steamsad: