Jack   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
plat spy turned prem soldier

comment before adding me or i'll remove

Sensitivity: 1000dpi, 2 ingame
20.8cm 360
Mouse: deathadder chroma
Mousepad: qck+

http://logs.tf/738746 highest dpm
http://logs.tf/589707 most damage
http://logs.tf/1516795 flawless

outpost [www.tf2outpost.com]
backpack [www.backpack.tf]

eggnormous : im onto u hacker jack

Mabbeh : jack went apeshit that round
Mabbeh : christ

duke : you're a monster jack

TearyHumor : Man jack you are a king with that revolver

LoneWolves #BdayIn33Days : jack 2 pro for meh .-.

♥Umbra♥ : Jack plz uninstall hacks


Lawd Cheesus : youre a good spy

dbc.Bert: dead ringer is cheap and skilless

enderman1500 : Jack just fuck his own penis

Goal: bloody machine
Goal: cant count how many time u were on the point and took out 3-4
Goal: just a casual pyro and heavy med combo on point
Goal: lets drop the spy, pyro, then a healed heavy when im on 150 hp
Goal: #JackLife
҉Jack҉ : :)
҉Jack҉ : heavy is a click, hold and track adventure, really easy but boring
Goal: nah i lvoe playing heavy
Goal: for some reason
Goal: no one on your team pays attention to you, but you get so much dmg and soak up damage such a key class

wilham7: nah im sick of playing against jack
wilham7: too good

swiftie brah ✿ : rep their fucking hacker spy holy shit already

*DEAD* • קȋ×Ƚ • UltimateJolteo : Nice bodyshot.
*DEAD* • קȋ×Ƚ • UltimateJolteo : Jackass.
*DEAD* • קȋ×Ƚ • UltimateJolteo : Nice aimbot.
҉Jack҉ : please dont report me
• קȋ×Ƚ • UltimateJolteo : I will.

[4:23:07 PM] To Casual 3: heil hitler
[4:23:09 PM] You were kicked and banned from the server by Maxx: fucking jew hater.

A Broken VCR : jack carry harder please

ℬℓσσ∂Шɪﬡƃ : holy shit youre bad, i bet you play in shitty UGC and spend half your life on mge

pblo : get off spy u dumb 3rd world idiot

so hypnotic : do you know why I love you?
so hypnotic : because you're such a fuckign faggot
҉Jack҉ : hahaha
so hypnotic : you are so
so hypnotic : OIDHWEFG

Dezz : you patriarchal heteronormative racist arsehole

fr' муикѕχσ : for real if u main pyro and have and unusual for it then you should defo neck your self
fr' муикѕχσ : hl is shit

dieland2000 : hacks
dieland2000 : fucking cheat

torry0607 : gg aneyrosnfe

Mawel : omg anuerism XD

Quantum™ : pyro spycheck more please
*DEAD* ℳrs.ƐveryShot | LFT Med & Sp : well fuck you spy

crackroach : im so sorry anyereusm

[-Complex-] Flikz #newsens : aneurysm gona fuck us all

overdrive.sao : aneurysm is a fucking spastic

Nick : that aneurysm is getting nasty
Nick : I should see a doctor

XxxJ4K3xxX : DRop the fucking black box of mothefucking black cocks you fucking cyunt cvunt cunt
XxxJ4K3xxX left the game (Disconnect by user.)

(TEAM) goth gamer girl : jack youre a god dude

*DEAD* cambodian redfoo : u ugly box looking mother fucker

Foodle : 260k kills, jesus. Go outside

Billbo Tea Baggens : jack i hope you get gang raped by fifty black men cunt

rky : jack's turning 18. so now he can legally bea pedophile

modus : ASBERKJO

Sneepa 360 : you niggas are fucking gay fags cunt to you fucking dick wackers bitch cunters fucking hackers

Imbécil ¡Vayase al diablo! : bye jack honkey donkey white ass dog lol

XineohP : jacc you hacking?
XineohP : while im springing, crouching and jumping you can still headshot

6:15 PM - dubimoussse: he attac
6:15 PM - dubimoussse: he sac
6:15 PM - dubimoussse: but most importantly
6:15 PM - dubimoussse: he jacc

adam.lee : jacc you are the sweatiest cunt

ᴅᴜʙɪᴏᴜs : just dont burn nigga just walk away ahahaha
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TF2 competitive history
UGC Highlander (Spy):
Season 10 - AUS/NZ Steel - Dirty Brown Coconuts
Season 12 - AUS/NZ Platinum - Tactical and Equipped Killers
Season 13 - AUS/NZ Steel - PlusForward
Season 14 - AUS/NZ Platinum - PlusForward
Season 15 - AUS/NZ Platinum - illa nine
Season 16 - AUS/NZ Platinum - The Resurrected Nine - 3rd
Season 17 - AUS/NZ Platinum - The Resurrected Nine
Season 18 - AUS/NZ Platinum - The Resurrected Nine - 1st
Season 19 - AUS/NZ Platinum - illa nine - 2nd
Season 20 - AUS/NZ Platinum - red pandas - 1st (didn't lose a single round entire season)
Season 21 - AUS/NZ Platinum - red pandas - 1st

Ozfortress 6s:
Owl 11 - Division 5B - Saucy Wizards - 2nd (Friendliest Team Div 5)
OZF Summer Cup 16 - The Resurrected Six - 5th
OZF 15 - Intermediate - The Resurrected Six - 1st
OZF 16 - Intermediate - The Oceanic Six - 4th
OZF 17 - Intermediate - Baba Booey - 3rd
OZF 18 - Premier - Victory or Riot - 6th
OZF 19 - Premier - Damage Inc - 4th

UGC 6s:
Season 18 - AUS/NZ - Mass Hysteria - 3rd
Season 19 - AUS/NZ - Mass Hysteria - 3rd
Season 20 - AUS/NZ - Mass Hysteria - 2nd
Season 21 - AUS/NZ - Mass Hysteria - 2nd

UGC 4s:
Season 4 - Steel AUS-NZ - Cabaret
Season 5 - Steel AUS-NZ - Cabaret - 4th
Season 6 - Steel AUS-NZ - Cabaret - 3rd
Season 7 - Steel AUS-NZ - Doggio Division - 3rd
Season 8 - Steel AUS-NZ - st0rmy fan club - 1st

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staunch on the block cynthias on my cock. smoking my weed cause its all i need
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Hello there jacko boi.