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I've been gaming since the 1980's and if you count arcade machines since the late 70's and I loved to play tabletop rpg's like Tunnels & Trolls (still got my rule book) and Dungeons & Dragons.

Then came the mid 2000's when a car travelling in excess of 60mph hit me from behind while I was cycling to work and left me with an untreated broken back and serious head injury. I landed on my coccyx and instantly lost almost 4'' in height because the spine was crushed vertically on impact with the road and due to the head injury/brain damage, I no longer produce three essential hormones because my pituitary gland was macerated due to the shock wave that propogated up my spine on impact. Because I was sent home with no treatment (they totally missed the breaks and refused to scan my head), I'm now seriously disabled and have to take opiate meds and inject myself daily. It took a year for the breaks to be diagnosed and 7 years for the brain damage to be confirmed. :trolol: Thankfully gaming saved my sanity. I found that playing games really helped with my pain management & kept my mind active.

I'm not a game collector; I buy games to help with my pain management, plus I :spirallove: gaming. My favorite genres include 'in no particular order' RPG's, RTS, FPS, Shmups, Breakouts, Wacky & Psychedelic Indie games, Survival games, Simulation & Tower Defense games. TBH, I enjoy most genres apart from TM games, but what I play usually depends on my mood, whether a friend is available for coop gaming, or what I've just purchased. Some of my all time favorite games include Darklands, the Elder Scrolls franchise, Civilization, Baldurs Gate, Geometry Wars, Raptor, Myst & Riven, R Type, Space Invaders, Ikaruga, Cossacks: The Art of War, The Total War franchise, The Longest Journey, Under A Steel Sky, Aky's XP Breakout, Ricochet Infinity, Incrediball: The Seven Sapphires, Gish, Dune, Command & Conquer, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2, Conflict Vietnam, Vietcong, Men of Valor, Men of Honor: Pacific Assault, Far Cry 1 & 2, Line of Sight: Vietnam, ArmA II & 3, Rollercoaster Tycoon and I reckon the early access game Conan Exiles will be among those once I've had more time to play it. :yay:

Due to my kids exams, I've taken a hiatus from my Steam library to help with their revision, (though I still visit the Steam Store to check for deals). The end of the day usually see's me nodding off or oggling my wife instead of booting up Steam and the only games I can cope with at the present time are those that require only a few moments to play such as a simple breakout, Shmup or physics based game; so recently, I've been throughly enjoying dipping into my collection of old arcade games that I used to play before I joined the Steam community.

After calculating approximately how much I've spent on games since joining steam Jan 2009, amounting to around £45 000, I decided enough was enough. with over 3K games still left unplayed in my account and inumerable decent AAA and arcade games still to play it was idiotic of me to continu buying games virtually every day. on average since I joined Steam I've bought almost 3.5 games every day. Crazy.

So here endeth my Steam purchases. :trolol:
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OMG! I've been waiting to see Men of Valor (MOV) released on Steam for years. I even wrote to Valve some years ago asking for it to be included because it has a surperb multiplayer game. It's 11 years old now, so some aspects are a little dated, but the actual maps are excellent. Thankfully the original add-on map pack has been included, expanding the original maps to 21 multiplayer maps. Every major battle from the American involvement in the Vietnam war is represented in these maps. I do hope we see some servers coming online soon as there hasn't been any for a few years now, and then you only got a few players at any one time, so some of the bigger maps were never included in the map roations.

I actually purchased 15 hard copies of this game less than a month ago as I was planning to get friends involved in the game. There is still one company renting servers for this game and I was thinking of renting a small server of perhaps 8 or 12 slots, but I may not need to now (hopefully). It used to be possible to set up your own server via the game, but I wasn't able to with my hard copies. I purchased Steam versions for both of my Steam accounts, then set up multiplayer server and WAS able to join the server from my other account, so it looks like that part of the game has been fixed. (Yeahhh!)

The single player missions are brilliant. I remember playing MOV for the first time when it was released back in 2004 and really felt like I was on partol in Vietnam. The first mission gave me an adrenalin rush as I swept across a field towards forest, then creeping along a narrow clearing in the forest, avoiding traps only to be faced by several enemy dug well in was exhilarating. i'd never experienced a FPS game quite like it up to this point.

For those expecting a run and gun like game (COD, MOH etc) you'll be disappointed. You need to play the game as stealthily as you can, otherwise you'll quickly cop a bullet in the head if there are any enemy around. Respawning is simply a click of your mouse. If you are wounded you have to quickly bandage yourself otherwise you'll bleed out. You can pick up health packs and canteens from dead enemies and friendlies, both of which fill up your indicator that shows how near to death you are. You can also pick up weapons and ammo from dead enemy and friendlies as well, so you rarely run out of ammo.

The single player campaign follows the multipler missions, though in the single player missions you do get to man a heavy machine gun while flying around in a Huey, and steer a boat on a river. There are various mission types that include rescuing downed pilots, freeing prisoners and various recon patrols; sadly, apart from cut scenes, there's no vehicular traffic available in any of the missions, unlike the brilliant Battlefield series that was running concurrently when this was first released (Battlefield Vietnam, another game i've been playing recently). If I had to choose between the two I would have to pick Battlefield Vietnam even though I think the graphics for Men of Valor are better, because BFV had hundreds of custom maps and loads of mods available, plus you could use tanks, mobile artillery, jeeps, and various other vehicles including choppers and jets.

You do need to play this game with some stealth otherwise you won't get through the game. A heat shot will kill you instantly, but other parts of the body are recoverable by bandaging and health packs. The longer you leave bandaging, the lower your health becomes.

The Jungle maps are brilliant, and still look superb even now 11 years later. It's not DX11, but you still get the atmosphere in most of the multiplayer and sigle player maps.

With 40% off the release price, this is a bargain.

The only negative I remember about this game was the spawn camping♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥that occured on some of the servers and when you died, if you didn't click the respawn button, you could follow your killer around and see where he/she was, then creep up on then to kill them in retribution for killing you; however, there were some good servers with decent players who would kick players who spawn♥♥♥♥♥♥♥or played in an unfriendly manner.

I'll update this review once I've had chance to revisit the game. apart from a couple of the single player missions, which I played recently, I've not played the game much for several years.

check out some of the videos over on You Tube. Sadly I could only find one multipler match and the quality was appalling, so isn't worth watching. there are loads of single player videos though. The following is over 5 hours long and shows many of the missions available in the single player campaign.



I set up a server this evening and was able to play with a friend, so it is definitely possible to set up your own server. There may be problems playing with friends who liv on different continents. I seem to remember if the Ping was over 150 you'd be lagging quite badly. We did have a few freezes when starting some new games, but generally the game ran really well. I'm over the moon to see this game on Steam and hope to see loads of community members playing the game in the not too distant future. I also hope to see increased interest whenever the game is on sale, so as to extend the life of this game for years to come. There are much better looking games out there now, especially with game engines like Frostbite and Crytek plus the number of new releases may dampen the enthusiasm of some, but for those who like a good game, that's fun to play and has lots of great maps and the ability to set up your own server without having to rent one I'm sure this will be a winner. I'm looking forward to seeing some full servers; most of the maps are definitely much better when 12 are playing, but you can still have fun on the smaller maps with fewer players.
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Got loads more games to trade; just check my inventory. None of the dlc for free to play games are up for tradeplus a few others that I've already earmarked for friends or family, but most games from page 1 to 11 are up for grabs so long as decent trade is offered. I've also got about 1000+ steam codes from indie bundles that I'd like to trade for cards only. I will eventually post a list of these, but you can always ask me if i have a particular game code. I don't trade for other games, backgrounds or emicons, just the Steam trading cards. That said, I will consider trading games for ones I don't have in my Steam library or for games now removed from Steam. Those games/dlc in my inventory that have been removed from Steam I'd rather trade for other games that have been removed, but at a push I’d consider other options such as games I don't have, or a decent offer of trading cards, but those games are at a premium, so no discounts and more than likely a percentage multiplier on the cost of the game. I'm not looking to make a profit on those games as I don't like taking advantage of peoples wants, just a fair trade. I don't want cash for any of my games, not interested in cash.

You can see a comprehensive list of removed games HERE . As you can see, some games are available online still from places like Amazon, but these sources will dry up as more game collectors buy them up.

I'd be happy to trade the games in my inventory for cards as well, but I'd want an approximate equal value of cards to the cost of the game. (for example a £20/$30 game would be equivalent to approximately 200/300 cards (though that’s assuming cards are 10p/15cents each and I’ve not included the discount I’d add – see below for details) Some of the games come from pre ordering other games, but the greater proportion come from Steam sales and the ones not listed (yet) from indie bundles such as Indie Gala/Indie Royale/earlier humble bundles/Groupees and Bundle Stars plus a few other obscure ones. As I purchased a lot of the games in sales I'll consider reducing the trade price (in cards by 30% to 50% depending on the game/dlc. Those games that are no longer available on Steam don’t get a reduction, and depending on the game/dlc may have a percentage multiplier; (basically I'd rather swap removed games for other removed games).

Apart from the several games/dlc's that have been removed that you can find in my inventory, I also have a Steam code for BRINK which has also been removed (not in my inventory) and there are a couple that were included in earlier bundles that are no longer on Steam that I’ve not listed these include keys for Transcripted and Your Doodles are Bugged!,I've got others such as Fuel, but haven't had much time spare to make a list of removed games from the spare codes I have. (I've been slwly working on a full list of game codes I have, but it's a tedious process as I have literally thousands of spare codes. I gave away several hundred in one go last year, and have still to delete those from the list i've already made.

Sometime in the future (I don't know when, as i still have thousands of games to add to the document), I will be giving away some of them to friends.

P.M. me if you are interested in trading for any of the games in my inventory. I will also trade any card in my inventory. I've decided not to persue Steam levels as I think it's a big valve rip off, but i'm still creating sets to get the discount coupons since they changed the drops to coupons for gmes that you don't own. Previously I rarely got a coupon for a game I didn't have. However, since Valve
changed that to games you didn't own, it's been worth creating sets. I still sell cards, but only if they are worth more than 10 pence. Since June 2014 I've made over £1400 selling cards. The most i've got for a single card was £1.40, but i've seen cards go for over £20. My son says those large amounts are just friends helping out others by adding money to their wallets?????
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I use Idle Master Extended which switches automatically the games that drop cards.
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