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5,813 hrs on record
last played on Jul 21
3.4 hrs on record
last played on Jul 21
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last played on Jul 15
ShiwoxMaybun >w< Jun 21 @ 7:35pm 
Added for pyro advice~
Phil Jun 12 @ 2:49am 
Hello Johnny! Can you pls sign my Degreaser Plssss! Im a very huge fan !
Erdogan's Big Nose/Xerxes Jun 7 @ 8:51pm 
>Has 5000 hours in tf2
>Plays pyro for a living
Please delete yourself
Determinated Jun 3 @ 5:28pm 
Added because of the Banana Bay game we just played together. U were good
Away4Awhile May 25 @ 7:05pm 
ohh sorry i didnt know you were whistling p you did tare me a new behinde in that game
1920 May 5 @ 5:47pm 
added for signing