Sensual Senpai
Jeff Skellington   Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
I sexually identify as a harem ecchi hentai.
Please call me by my real name ハーレムエッチエロアニメ
if you dont i'll call down my squad of attack magical grils
they know all about karate and friendship.
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Broodmother is love.
I was only 1 month old, I loved Broodmother. I had all the spider bodypillows, and all the webs. I prayed to Broodmother every night and day. My broodfather heard me, he came in to my cave and called me a 5 GPM pub scrub. I called him an MMR leecher, he pushed my lane and sent me to go to spawn. I was crying, but they were other people's salty impregnated tears, my webhole hurt. I was cold. I felt a warmth behind me, it was Broodmother! She whispered into my ear "The spider comes!" then gagged me. She picked me up with her massive, spider legs, and put me on the enemys bottom tower. She penetrated the tower with my body, spawning more tiny broodling in me before their tower obliterated. I can feel my GPM raising as my gold count starts to expand. I push against the lane, I want to impress Broodmother. She casts a mighty ultimate as she fills herself with bloodlust. My brooddad, Kappa walks in. He goes to shout "..." he was already a pile of spiders. Broodmother looks straight at the pile and said "My brood needs food". Broodmother destroys the enemy ancient. Gg. Broodmother is love. Broodmother is life.
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