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Dear Rob, Weeze dogga

My man. I betrayed you. You said 5, I said no 5. We go with 4 is easy because the random will play good and be PMA. You said no. You said I want Brandon. I said no, negative brandon we go with 4. You warned me Weezy and I betrayed you. We queue into Inferno as 4, with our random. Things were good with yellow to start, we won a few rounds and the vibes were popping. But then the worst. The tide turned against us and yellow started throwing. Negev buys, going for the knife and raging in chat. Just as you had predicted, we had a toxic 5th. Just as you had said our random was a thrower.
Gaffer was invovled too of course he was, he nagged you as much as I did. But i was the one who asked YOU to trust ME. and i failed you Rob. We died in the dirt as the random, ♥♥♥♥ing yellow, trolled us and laughed "y u no call 4 me men". It was a shameful day. A sad day. You continued to play with us, because you are indeed a saint and a god amongst men but I am very sorry that this happend weezy. I did not mean for that to be the case. I thought it would be GG.

but it was not gg.

It was BG.

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Devilforce Apr 10 @ 7:57pm 
Just so that you know my highest rank on csgo before the epidemic of cheats was supreme and today I'm still Global Elite on Wingman. The fact that you say that your team is not cheating is just really dumb since you seem not to be able to analyse a demo by yourself. 1st round you all played legit second round the profiterole was clearly wh and aimlocking. Fix had is aimlock also on. But yeah you can pretend whatever you want and you can tell me that I'm not even MG2 but the fact is that stats don't lie. And please in future when you say that you don't cheat that's ok but don't tell people that you know that your team8 are not cheaters... you would wonder how many times you actually got boosted by cheats
Devilforce Apr 10 @ 7:07pm 
The reality... check demo... ez to spot FIX and two others cheating... but yeah you will tell me that it was a fair match that csgo mm games are all legit... and that you are better then me ^^

FaFassou Apr 10 @ 9:02am 
+1 rep very high skill teammate
✪KяαкєиDaddy™ Feb 25 @ 7:17am 
+rep great guy, gave him a bj on nuke in the vents, was pretty smal tho but who cares amazing guy, also the comment under this one, ur moms a hoe
weezy ^_^ Feb 13 @ 2:01pm 
stoled my name invent your own ♥♥♥♥♥
iMbaIn2021LUL Jan 29 @ 5:18pm 
banksy108 ill f..uck u up, who u think u talking to trash