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Hello there, yes I am furry.

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y u stil here

Welcome to hell
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A little about me
Some info on me
Hello, I am Wato1876, I love doing YouTube and gaming and stuffs! I am a furry, so Hi! I always try to 100% games when I can, or get pretty far, something I can spend hours on are more likely. Like platformers or sandbox stuff (ik that sandboxes usually don’t have a way to 100%).

Currently new to Steam, so if I randomly comment somewhere, thats why.
Anyway, have a nice day

I have a website, just a carrd site basically... Nothing special so, uh, here. [wato1876.carrd.co]

If you got any questions, ask, or contact me on discord!


About Me:
Hobbies: Gaming, Trying to do Art, Sitting, Crying, Sitting the Sequal, YouTube, Twitch Streaming.
Games I play: Minecraft, Roblox, SAR, other things
Music I like: 80s, 90s, and the early 2000s. Maybe some 70s songs too!
Favorite Color: Yellow. (Despite it never showing up in any of my charachters)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender/Pronouns: Male. He/Him (I don't mind she/her or they/them too)

Question and Answer
Are you a furry? No, I just have a fursuit, several pieces of art, call myself a furry, and love the fandom. Yes, I am a furry

You have like no hobbies, what is wrong with you? Look, I am a introvert with a fast metabolism, let me sleep.

Can you play games with me? I won't say no, but I won't say yes.

Do you have a fursuit? I have already made the base of a head!

Are you gay? No, I am Pan, I love pans, everything pans, cooking and all.

Are you gay? It is hard to find happiness in this world.

What do you do on YouTube? Get anxiety, edit videos I don't want to edit, make content I don't like, I don't play Roblox... I do enjoy making content for other channels though!

What do you do on Twitch? I have fun relaxing, streaming is fun, follow me! ^w^ [twitch.tv]

Are you a uwu, owo furry? I am not gonna pretend I am always wholesome, but I do UwU and OwO from time to time...

Laptop Specs, because who cares
Mic/Headset: Beats Headphones....
CPU: i7-9750H
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

My fursona
They are a green wolf with dark green parts on them...
Located at the bottom of this page! [wato1876.carrd.co]

I sometimes wonder

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