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I used to create art, help manage and organize communities, all the while speaking to friends. Some people may know me for that reason or for just simplying playing tf2 and gmod with them. Either way I am a just a person that came to steam with the intent to meet new people and just simply play games, never knew something like what I've experienced would come from it, but I'm none the less grateful for the all the people I've met and the opporunities I've taken in order to help others. Stay frosty

fav quotes:

-rep uses dick steroids during sex and then cums blood -Young Nut

Hulkmania Jesus: Trash ass
Warrak: ok
Hulkmania Jesus: Fuck up
Hulkmania Jesus: Bitch

Smartass McGee : Keep in mind that you're truly lonely and life is nothing but an incessant grind of perpetual simularity until you slowly shrivel into the void ceasing to exist in a pool of dead conciousness

Kipkid: My banana bustested a bit on my keyboard,good thing it was a Sunday.

XFnaf: Guys! I finaly cummed for the first time!
Croco: Congratz

Eric Devito: its called a dumbass, dont breath and it wont know you're there

bossofthisgym: you a big brain nigger
Warrak: thats nice

Awareness of self is no miracle, ... it is a trick of the gene, an endless inner refrain, asking: "What's in it for me?" To serve the world, we must grow deaf to the self.

-There are no absolutes. No right and wrong. Haven't you learned anything working for the Powers? There are only choices. I offered Paradise. You chose this.
-Because I could. Because that's what you took away from us. Choice.
- And look where free will has gotten you!

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Delightfulhug Mar 29 @ 5:44pm 
You have a nice day as well!
Lord Rhasta Mar 9 @ 11:07am 
It's been a while, old friend
Chleric Sep 17, 2018 @ 7:47pm 
it's me i thought u were dead so i decided to free up my friends list a couple months ago sorry
Lord Rhasta Sep 5, 2018 @ 11:33am 
And hit me up with a friend request if you want to! :mrb_boris:
Lord Rhasta Sep 5, 2018 @ 11:32am 
Warrak! Old pal! You remember me back in that trade plaza server, do you? I just wanted to say hi and if you do got the time, i wish to ask for help once more from you! (Btw this is Kiro or Alex Mercer)
HaDe | vloot.io BLS Jul 25, 2018 @ 9:07am 
Good partner and friend of Yajan. Think it is not bad to casually add you.