War Pig
David   Tennessee, United States
If you get a seemingly random friend invite from me, it's because I'm interested in trading with you. I promise I'm not a criminal... :gentlemanrandy:

The above message is primarily for people who are otherwise unreachable due to their privacy settings. If you want to add me, please state the reason in my comment section or on one of my trading threads.

If you just want to send me a trade offer, my trade link is below in the "Items Up For Trade" showcase. :cozybethesda:
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Trading duplicate backgrounds and emoticons. Particularly looking for ones in the list below:
:LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube: Backgrounds :LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube:
:GreenCube: A Deep Black (- Arcane Raise -)
:GreenCube: Math & Science (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader)
:GreenCube: School Blueprints (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader)
:GreenCube: Asu DragonTribe (ASTA Online)
:GreenCube: Angry Cat (Cat survival)
:GreenCube: Lady Sky Pirate (Cloud Pirates)
:GreenCube: Dragomon Battle (Dragomon Hunter)
:GreenCube: Survivors (Dying Light)
:GreenCube: Epica without helmet1 (Epica)
:GreenCube: Divine Punishment (Fist of Jesus)
:GreenCube: Field (Good Archer)
:GreenCube: Lundenwic (The Great Whale Road)
:GreenCube: Swordsman (Grind Zones)
:GreenCube: Light Mechs (HAWKEN)
:GreenCube: Weapons of Mechs (HAWKEN)
:GreenCube: Hell's Door (La Tale)
:GreenCube: Extremely Dangerous Beer (Loadout)
:GreenCube: Necromancer Slaves (Mankind Defender)
:GreenCube: Garage (Metal Carnage)
:GreenCube: Metal Carnage Rare (Metal Carnage)
:GreenCube: Summoner Vs Vanguard (Nosgoth)
:GreenCube: Abstraction Blue (Numberline)
:GreenCube: Abstraction Orange (Numberline)
:GreenCube: Essense of cute (Pristine world)
:GreenCube: Angel (Sharf)
:GreenCube: Ocean&SnowFlake (ShineG In The Bullethell)
:GreenCube: Cauldron (Split)
:GreenCube: Shard (Split)
:GreenCube: Tank Bebop (Tankr)
:GreenCube: Mary and Sue (Temporal Temple)
:GreenCube: Lunar (The Quest for Achievements)
:GreenCube: Hold me (This War of Mine)
:GreenCube: Keeper of Secrets (Warhammer: Arcane Magic)
:GreenCube: Dark Elf Sorceress (Warhammer: Arcane Magic)
:GreenCube: Gate to hell (Wild Frontera)
:LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube: Emoticons :LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube::LightRedCube::YellowCube:
:GreenCube: :atorb_a: (.atorb.)
:GreenCube: :atorb_goose: (.atorb.)
:GreenCube: :GoldRush: (Alpha Decay)
:GreenCube: :asharmour: (Ashbourne)
:GreenCube: :ashhelmet: (Ashbourne)
:GreenCube: :ashshield: (Ashbourne)
:GreenCube: :crazygentlemen: (BALLOON Saga)
:GreenCube: :servicesign: (Base Squad 49)
:GreenCube: :CatInLove: (Cat survival)
:GreenCube: :hatch: (Cold Dreams)
:GreenCube: :pentagr: (Cold Dreams)
:GreenCube: :ladkey: (Cube Master: Light Adventure)
:GreenCube: :smileyshark: (DeepFear)
:GreenCube: :dmhhappy: (Dragomon Hunter)
:GreenCube: :scrooge: (DuckTales Remastered)
:GreenCube: :ToolsOfDestruction: (Dying Light)
:GreenCube: :Barrelwood: (Fallen Mage)
:GreenCube: :BOOK2: (Fallen Mage)
:GreenCube: :sword0: (Fallen Mage)
:GreenCube: :Scroll2: (Fallen Mage)
:GreenCube: :evilenemy: (Far Space VR)
:GreenCube: :fdroid: (Featherpunk Prime)
:GreenCube: :datasphere: (Featherpunk Prime)
:GreenCube: :dragonbone: (Fist of Jesus)
:GreenCube: :holyshit: (Fist of Jesus)
:GreenCube: :superbfrozen: (Frozen Drift Race)
:GreenCube: :Meermoji: (Fur Fun)
:GreenCube: :AngryTree: (Fur Fun)
:GreenCube: :topmanager: (goalunited PRO)
:GreenCube: :shilling: (The Great Whale Road)
:GreenCube: :grindzones_boots: (Grind Zones)
:GreenCube: :GOE4: (Guardians of Ember)
:GreenCube: :hawken: (HAWKEN)
:GreenCube: :hentai_puzzle: (Hentai Puzzle)
:GreenCube: :icyhammer: (ICY)
:GreenCube: :Guitarist: (K-Rolik)
:GreenCube: :lemur_strawberry: (Lemurzin)
:GreenCube: :shieldthree: (Mankind Defender)
:GreenCube: :swordthree: (Mankind Defender)
:GreenCube: :Filter_MTG: (Metal Carnage)
:GreenCube: :Oil_MTG: (Metal Carnage)
:GreenCube: :Rudder_MTG: (Metal Carnage)
:GreenCube: :mhghost: (Monster High: New Ghoul in School)
:GreenCube: :FOOGWearBlouse: (MTB Downhill Simulator)
:GreenCube: :MPPies: (Murderous Pursuits)
:GreenCube: :forscience: (One Upon Light)
:GreenCube: :Shincy: (Pristine world)
:GreenCube: :Ruby_crystal: (Pristine world)
:GreenCube: :IndieOgre: (Professor Nasty Time: The Stupidly Unfair Test Simulator 2016)
:GreenCube: :RonaldThump: (Professor Nasty Time: The Stupidly Unfair Test Simulator 2016)
:GreenCube: :MedalFace: (Professor Nasty Time: The Stupidly Unfair Test Simulator 2016)
:GreenCube: :zawa1: (Restricted-RPS - Hope Annihilation Arc)
:GreenCube: :paa: (Restricted-RPS - Hope Annihilation Arc)
:GreenCube: :lumela: (Sekwere)
:GreenCube: :sekwere: (Sekwere)
:GreenCube: :ravenn: (Sharf)
:GreenCube: :Ishy: (ShineG In The Bullethell)
:GreenCube: :sprkls: (Split)
:GreenCube: :sickloot: (Temporal Temple)
:GreenCube: :skullove: (Temporal Temple)
:GreenCube: :coolbob: (Temporal Temple)
:GreenCube: :randomizer: (Temporal Temple)
:GreenCube: :bo: (Temporal Temple)
:GreenCube: :dashingboi: (Temporal Temple)
:GreenCube: :marywink: (Temporal Temple)
:GreenCube: :tesla5: (Tesla's Best Friend)
:GreenCube: :cwhitered: (The Dark Tales of Katarina)
:GreenCube: :tsg25: (The Safeguard Garrison 2)
:GreenCube: :moonshine: (This War of Mine)
:GreenCube: :0044: (Tiger Knight: Empire War)
:GreenCube: :TWScream: (Trinium Wars)
:GreenCube: :shockedsmiley: (Turret Terminator)
:GreenCube: :vp: (Vianiato PopOut)
:GreenCube: :wam_move: (Warhammer: Arcane Magic)
:GreenCube: :wf1: (Wild Frontera)
:GreenCube: :engager: (Winged Knights: Penetration)
:GreenCube: :nohead: (Xbird)
:GreenCube: :smallbird: (Xbird)
The Official War Pig FAQ
Who are you?
Just some guy, who likes to chew bubblegum and play games... and is all out of bubblegum. :funnys:

How old are you?
Let's just say I'm probably older than you. In fact, I have kids on Steam who might be older than you. My son took over my original Steam account when he was in his teens (and now has my CS 5-year & 10-year badges - dang it!). You might derive some age clues later. :geniusidea:

Why did you pick the name War Pig?
Do you remember the first time you played an online multiplayer game and it asked you for a unique name? For me, that game was Quake II. I had always wanted to play Quake, but couldn't afford a computer with the specs that would run it until after Quake II was released. I settled on the name War Pig because I was fresh out of the Army and my favorite song by the band Black Sabbath was War Pigs [en.wikipedia.org]. The name has stuck with me ever since then.
Some of you old-timers who played Quake II (and later Counter-Strike, back when it was still a mod for Half-Life) may possibly remember me playing with these clan tags:
- War Pig[BK] :rewind:
- *WKA*War Pig :rewind:

What was your 1st gaming system?
The Magnavox Odyssey 300 [en.wikipedia.org]. I didn't just play Oldschool Tennis , I played old school tennis. :tennis_balls:

What was your 1st home computer?
The Texas Instruments TI-99/4A [en.wikipedia.org]. I learned to program in BASIC on this. My 1st computer software game was a BASIC program that I manually typed in and later loaded from a cassette that I had saved it to. :comp:

What is your favorite game genre?
While I like most games, first person shooters were what really got me hooked on PC gaming. My avatar is from one of the most groundbreaking games of all time (I still have the floppy disk for it). As games have progressed, I find open-world games that involve exploration are my favorite. They don't necessarily have to be shooters. :cozywolfensteinII:

Why did you only start leveling up in 2017?
To be honest, I never cared about it before. Now, it's a hobby and I enjoy making trades with people. :fedya::rotate::alyx:

Can I have your CS:GO skins in exchange for nothing?
I read that as "Will you please add me to your list of blocked players?", so no. :nonono:

Are you really a grumpy old guy?
Get off my lawn! :void5:
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Hope you stay warm and safe, my dear friend! :pig_in_a_poke:
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:aargh::Dimensional::Mirro_candle:         :Mirro_candle::Dimensional::aargh:
󠀡󠀡󠀡⁧⁧lippy Nov 18 @ 2:53pm 
If you have Clouds BG please add me :happyrandy:
Zo1ni -`ღ´- Nov 16 @ 2:22pm 
+rep for secure and fast trade, thanks bud
Zo1ni -`ღ´- Nov 13 @ 9:35am 
added bc intressed in trading, and some question to ask. add back asap :)
Keldy21 | S>Games/Levels Nov 13 @ 6:10am 
+rep, quick fast trader!