Owner of WS | Wanted Servers
Wanted Servers Website [WantedServers.net]

Played RUST since 2013 (Legacy), with about 8k Hours!:lunar2019coolpig:

Game Ban on Rust | 7/26/19

Owner of Wanted Servers :bgears:
Discord [discord.gg]

Streamer on Twitch [Twitch.tv]
Retired Youtuber (Beloved 1.5k+ Subs)

Sponsored by Humble Bundle [www.humblebundle.com]

I used to develop but am currently stopping working for now.

Now I play and review games as a steam curator so please leave a follow and send some games for me to play! Curator Page

To send me skins, click here
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🤜About Me!🤛
Hi my name is Michael and my ign is "Wantedmichael" or "Wanted" mainly!
I am a retired Youtuber and now a Twitch streamer @ twitch.tv/wantedmichael

- If you have items to give me for free then thank you but do not expect a friend request in return.
- If you are a fan from my social media (Twitch/Youtube), please don't be annoying!

More about me

Age: Definately older than 17

From: Nonya Business

Eastern European: 🇧🇬 / 🇵🇱
Also Argentinian.

Languages that I can speak: 3.5 (Polish, Bulgarian, English, and Spanish but practicing more!)

Streamer: Yes (Mainly on Twitch)

How long have I been gaming? Since I was 3 on the Nintendo Gameboy SP


Processor: I7-7700k
Ram: 32gb
Graphics Card: MSI 1070

Keyboard: Corsair K70 (MX Silent)
RGB Mouse: Corsair Glaive RGB
Mic: Røde NT-USB
Webcam: Logitech BRIO (Best Webcam in history)

Steam Curator

Reviewed over 50+ games

I love reviewing games and testing them as a hobby because I love to see new ideas being created every time I test!

If you wish to contact me about testing/reviewing a game then please email me at WantedReview@gmail.com

About my Developing (Currently Stopped/Not Working for now!)

Website [wanted.cargocollective.com] < Private | No Website, ask me for an overview of my Portfolio.

I'm mainly a Plugin Dev and Manager , but I know how to work with Web Page Designing, and making a website from scratch using html! I also work a bit with Graphics, and with my extra time, I help people with designing and their style of a discord server!
My main goal for this year was to make a big group of developers of any kind to help others with their needs! Which if you are interested feel free to send a comment about what type of developer you are and why you would like to join!

The number between (?) shows many servers I have configured so far and it updates every server I work on!

These are the games I worked with:
:arrowsright: Unturned (8)
:arrowsright: Rust (22)
:arrowsright: Gmod (3)

Games that I'll be working with:
:arrowsright: 7 Days to die
:arrowsright: Arma Series
:arrowsright: Ark: Survival Evolved
:arrowsright: Counter-Strike Series
:arrowsright: Dayz
:arrowsright: Hurtworld
:arrowsright: Terraria
:arrowsright: And so many more!

Plus if there's a game that isn't listed here, please send me a dm on Discord [discord.gg] or Wanted#1111

Favorite Game
Hours played
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
ONLY CSGO. And Unturned Mythicals are fine if overpaid!
I cannot do RUST because of it's game ban. ;)
Favorite Group
The Wanted Club - Public Group
Welcome to a world full of Criminals, Watch Out!
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