Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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I will be starting a social justice warrior list/shit list, starting with this retard.
calls people children because of rappers lol. Also one of the biggest social justice warriors you will see, keep in mind, and watch out!
Stupid 9 year old who manipulates others words and plays cod iw all day and dickrides it hahaha. go give him a -rep!
Stupid fuck who thinks he can beat the shit out of everybody lmao. Also an extreme sjw who does not tolerate ''language''.
average retarded sjw.
Stupid average social justice warrior who does not like it when people swear at him. Animal gets provoked very easily. Must approach with caution.
Retarded retard who respects femisism. Also respects women manipulating themselves on the internet for respect, also an sjw.
stupid fuck
stupid fuck who likes sjws and supports feminists.
disgusting social justice warrior who supports cod and hates males
is gay (literally) and hates FUCKING MALES LOL. Also supports abortion.
Click that link to check out cancer in its purest form. Report avanlove for being a cuck.
With over 13 pages of -reps, this one expains itself.
report this slanderous fuck
just a scammer and a cheater...
bad aimbot lmfao.......
faggot omg i say fuck u boom deleted and blocked haha
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