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Hello this is the Custom Info Box!

Acutal Profil Info
Hey I'm Sany I Iove pizza, my friends and for some reason jesters!
I am 18 years old and was born at the 29th november.

It might happen that I dont respond to your messages, usually when that happens I dont feel like talking to you/anyone. So dont be sad about this please :3. I honestly wish I could be friends with anyone but I'm not perfect and neither are other people, so If I get annoyed or mad at you I'm probably in a bad mood. I don't care if you're friends with a person that despises me if you're a good person we will probably have a good time :D

I'll try to keep my friendslist as close as possible so if we dont write/play regulary I might delet you (I dont delet people that I knew for a pretty long time and people I have good memories of), I also delet people that weren't online for 1 month. I play Magic the Gathering sometimes. I also sometimes do abstract art, wish i could do it on an actual canvas more often.

Current Favourit Album :
Kerosene by Red Vox (Its intersting how Red Vox always brings out albums at time's where most of the tracks relate to my life)

Current Favourit lyrics :
"I got a feeling it will all work out, I'm on the right track, There's no going back, With all the right words, From all the wrong days , From all the old ways, A handful of change , Disband on myself , To play a new game" -from Define me (Red Vox)

"If you want it, Go and get it, Reputation, Adulation|Expectation, Complications, The temptation, Isolation" -from Hungry Ghosts (Red Vox)

Good friends and great People (these are in random order btw)
Mena , BigSmoke , Rappy
All of these guys are kinda connected. Really epic people, love to hang around with em sometimes. Fucking Faggots ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also one of my best friends, plays boardgames and cardgames.We had a great time together when I lived in Austria and I probably never can forget her crazy personality.

Holy aka. Rapey Santa Claus
Got to know him on a Gmod server of a Youtuber where I was moderator. A good, crazy and weird person. Also somehow my best friend >w>

Dragon2 , Miles
Two great persons I got to know because of TTT, cared alot for me at hard times and comforted me always when i felt bad. Sadly we had'nt much contact since a few weeks but we'll probably catch up to each other again.

One of my old real life friends, funny person which can draw aswell n stuff. Had a great time with her (when we actually met lol)

Chappy , Freezie
Great people to hang around, currently the closest friends I have. Hope we can play more stuff together in the future uwu.

Yegmai smile :)

Salty Twat
Literally the nicest and funniest person on Earth. Helped me going trought some stuff and forget. He likes dad jokes and makes pizza <w>. Im pretty gay for him. Thank you so much for caring. :3

TF2 stuff that I wish I would have but probably never will
Unusual Disco Fever ['72]
Strange Huntsman

Currently trying to play these games activly
Heroes of the Storm
Single-Player Games

What Music im into
I mostly like everything, the only thing I dont Like is folk music.

My favourite band is hands down Red Vox I love their music so much

Right now I really like to listen to:

Twentyone Pilots
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There is a big amount of emoticons, backgrounds, badges, games, items and more for you to explore.
I sorted all of them in categories, and added links, prices and pictures.[/b

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she's actually a girl
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Hey, I'd like to message you sometime about SirSwag. My account was stolen and the user who stole it, messaged a few of my Steam Friends with SirSwag being the only one who the user managed to fool.
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+rep, easily get secuced when speaking french to her. Apprendre le français
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