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Please comment why you are adding me.

FAQ: (Read these to save you and me time)

-{Why didn't you accept my request? 99% of the time it's because you can't read.}-

Can you help me level up?


Can you help me edit a video?

~Unfortunately no. It takes quite alot of time.

Can you help me make a banner?

~First of all, it depends on what type of banner it is. Now that I am accepting requests, Yes. I don't consider myself an expert but I'll see what I can do.

What's the best way to level up fast?

~Spend money.

Why do people hate you?

~Jealousy I'm afraid.

Can we trade?

~I highly doubt it unless you have something exceptional.

What do you do?

~Well I'm a person that specializes on anything that revolves around production. You could say that I'm a game designer or developer since that is my high interest.

What do you do in your spare time?

~Either work on a project or simply play video games.

Sign my profile please?

~Sure. x)

Is it possible for me to join your game developing group?

~Well StuckON25 isn't looking for more members since we are just setting things up. If you want to join simply contact me in any way possible as I put up on my information box.

On what game did you get VAC'd?

~CS:GO, Personal story.


~Please go seek help. I'm afraid you are in deep danger without your parents.

You seem like you know a lot about developing and modding, why don't you upload your work to the workshop often?

~Personally I have no problem on doing that. If I was to make workshop items it would be Garry's Mod most of the time. I make lots of unreleased modifications for games. I haven't considered uploading them but I will someday.

I love these guys.
KRSI: mouth
KRSI: and anus
KRSI: perfectly in line
[JS]Wafflizmo: ???

[JS]Reporicat ♛: waffle
[JS]Reporicat ♛: clllllllleeaaan
[JS]Reporicat ♛: bryan
[JS]Reporicat ♛: ffs
[JS]Reporicat ♛: bryanfucktard™

Astro.EXE: sorry for the late response, i was just changing my toilet paper because these youtube vloggers are full of shit
Wafflizmo: Amazing
Astro.EXE: in what way
Wafflizmo: No way to describe it
Wafflizmo: pure perfection
Astro.EXE: XD
Astro.EXE: Also once again sorry for the late response I had to get some screw drivers for my sister because these youtube vloggers are a bunch of tools and we bought a shit load of stuff from ikea
Wafflizmo: LMAO
Astro.EXE: :d

KRSI: гигантский дракон шлюха
[JS]Wafflizmo: Я надеюсь, что вы трахаться сатаной

Wafflizmo: There was Wafflius Pancakus Postalai the Third.
Astro.EXE: Commander and Chief Sir dish made from only the finest ingredients consisting of eggs, all purpose flour, milk, vegetable oil, white sugar, baking soda, vanilla extract, and sodium chloride baked in a iron designed for this delicious breakfast meal usually served with cooked pork covered in artery clogging oil the three thousandth four hundredth and sixty ninth.
Astro.EXE: Beat that
Wafflizmo: No one can beat that. x)
Astro.EXE: Perfect

Wafflizmo: Woah woah cool down I didn't give you zues's hammer.
Astro.EXE: *comedic value*
Astro.EXE: What are you laughtose intolerant
Wafflizmo: WOW!
Wafflizmo: Fantastic. XD

Nighthawk: that also pays gaben burgers for A Vac-ation
Nighthawk: no matter what you pay gaben#
Nighthawk: Burgers Or Slaves
Nighthawk: You will still have a VAC-ation
Wafflizmo: XDDD
Wafflizmo: You're fucking legendary
Nighthawk: I just shat that out of my arse
Nighthawk: so no it isn't

PS: I love Postal. More than you might think. You have no idea. Seriously.
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General Rules of Contact.
It seems as if peeps just don't want to read the entirety of this.
To put it simply,
I do not trade.

I do not accept random friend requests.

I will not help random people level up.

Do not spam me please.

States of Activity.
Online : You could message me anytime you want and you'll recieve a guaranteed reply.

Playing : You could message me anytime you want but you'll eventually recieve a delayed reply but it is best not to message me when I am playing a competetive game.

Away : You could message me anytime you want but you'll have to wait quite a while to recieve a reply.

Busy : Please do not message me if I am busy because chances are you may get temporarily blocked.

Offline : You could message me but chances are I may not recieve that message If I do intend to get back up on any other state.

Looking to play : You could message me anytime you want if you are interested!

Click here to go to my Twitch channel as I stream whenever possible! [www.twitch.tv]
Click here to go to my Youtube channel as I upload whenever possible!
Click here to go to my Twitter account as it is my main source of information!
Click here to go to my Discord community as you can find me highly active there! [discord.gg]
Click here to go to my ModDB Account as I upload some of my modifications there!

Contact me!
Email: theloyalwaffle@gmail.com
Skype: theloyalwaffle ᴬᶫˢᵒ ᶦᶰᶜᶫᵘᵈᵉ ᵃ ᵛᵃᶫᶦᵈ ʳᵉᵃˢᵒᶰ ᵒᶰ ʸᵒᵘʳ ʳᵉᑫᵘᵉˢᵗ⋅
Twitter: Wafflizmo

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About me!

Straight to the point;
I have a retro mindset of nostalgia.
Technophile. No, not a technological pedophile.
Proud firearm freak.
Milk enthusiast.
POSTAL 2 fanatic.
Hydrogen addict.

Oh, and I'm a metalhead. I know, ironic.

I currently have no job, but game developing is my main hobby, Modding is a side kick. Usually make some youtube videos every once in a while. I specialize on pretty much anything that revolves around production whether it is video editing, music production, picture editing, filming, game developement and all that smajazzle.

If you require any help from the things that I specialize in, do not hesitate to ask!
I work for free and I'm glad to help at anytime possible. I will not request money from you but donations are very appreciated and I'm thankful for any amount.
Irish Beast Jun 15 @ 7:37pm 
Its been a while.....
☆Skweam May 10 @ 3:59am 
good luck mate
Wafflizmo May 9 @ 10:57am 
This is what happens to my mentality when I get beyond irritated and nervous.
Long story short; EXAMS.
Delta May 9 @ 10:05am 
WAFFLE WHAT HAPPENED? Your profile picture has changed!
Wafflizmo Dec 29, 2017 @ 8:08am 
I swear I love you all. <3
Delta Dec 29, 2017 @ 7:39am 
+Rep x 999 = God status