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mewfie Nov 28 @ 10:05am 
idk if you're gonna see this or not, but i've been a huge fan of your youtube channel for a long time now ever since 2016 i think. i'm also a sniper main and i watch your videos everyday and even watch till i fall asleep in my bed at 3 am in the morning. i also have copy of your signature sniper loadout and the bmoc and villains veil. i have you followed on twitter, steam, instagram, myspace and facebook. so you can see, i'm the biggest fan of you. anyways, sorry if i talk too much. >-< but i hope you keep doing good content in the future^^ you're a big insperation and you're always gonna be my idol... also, i wonder if you have a gf? can you also add me on steam please. we snipe together in pubs while we have matching loadouts >< and i can pocket you if you dont' wanna play sniper hahha! i'm a girl btw <3 pls add :o :aidolheart:
hikikomori Nov 22 @ 5:01am 
imagine being washed haha
ZΛVR Oct 31 @ 2:06pm 
-rep, walls and aim in destiny 2
Goblin Oct 10 @ 5:49pm 
nice cheats
mewfie Oct 1 @ 10:20am 
Lucian Sep 29 @ 11:23am