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I like history, trolling, philosophizing, 3D, programming, hardware, messing with files and gaming, preferably with friends
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The first Early access game I bought and one of the few doing it right.

For 7 euro you get a minimalistic sometimes stunning looking citybuilding sandbox that is not very complex or hard, but fun to play around in and optimize your interconnected cities in the limited space available. They throw deadlines with ample warning, weather conditions and even enemies at you to keep it engaging.(now tweakable to your liking)

(Screenshot) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1505235421
A great feature is how organic your cities always look even after you figure everything out as opposed to boring grids of the same buildings in many other citybuilders.

The devs are adding new (usefull) buildings and variable tweaks with sometimes new features every week on a consistent basis making this well worth the price with a promise to be replayable and fresh in several months with more mechanics coming like diseases, more complex tourism and more export possibilities.

So buy it now at a slight discount or when it launches aprox at the end of the year 2018.

Note to dev: I could really use some skyscraper flats, proportionally living space is taking up a bit to much of my cities, otherwise I would request expandable cliff sizes.
(actually implemented a special residential skyscraper now, great dev)

UPDATE:The progress with updates and features to this date is appreciated such as new game modes, easier to use infrastructure, wonders, laws and improved economy,

I hope they add some more achievements as extra goals to work towards. The map with the water bassin is also by far the best hope to see more like them.
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