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Chris   Barnsley, Barnsley, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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17:43 - bardoga: Do you have a good hardick?
17:43 - bardoga: omg
17:43 - bardoga: hardisk*
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Hello friends :)
Welcome to my information box, here is some information:

Wiping stance: Sitting

I don't trade.

Don't add me without leaving a comment on my profile.

I have been playing video games for my entire life, even as a fetus as my mother consumed a Sega Genesis as well as a 19" TV.

You can check out my twitch channel [] as long as you follow, subscribe, favourite, like, share, retweet, report and make sure you smash the upvote button too!

I don't share my configs.

Mouse: G403
Keyboard: Leopold FC660M
Mousemat: Zowie G-SR
Earphones - Xiaomi HD Pro

J4Vik Nov 7 @ 1:22am 
Added because you are funny commentator and good demo
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UKFT_Polly: wtf warshead is amazing
Lavaa: thanks
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added about tftv article
kim Oct 17 @ 1:08am 
Added for mentoring request
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Added for signing
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