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:ss13ok: Metal, skulls, demons, blood, guts, gore, puppies, and gibs.
:fateWoof: I went to a zoo once but only saw a dog. It was a shih tzu.
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Lucifera May 18 @ 9:17pm 
❌ marks the f*cking idiot.
Lucifera May 7 @ 11:28pm 
of corse me not admet that me is not actuly a gril an nevar hade a waife an kads cus me am a sadfuk an a piece ofshit that wuvs to lye abaout everthnig cus me wuvs atenshon
Lucifera May 7 @ 11:21pm 
stop harnessing me valekralis i dont no u vealkrillus ur a crepe an a stacker u creper u no wanted me fiendship u a sad bassturd (me is actuly teh sad bassturd but me not no how too not lye) that stacks that stacks me pag an me bloked u an u is a creper vilekaleus
Lucifera Apr 6 @ 1:07pm 
star sign "lieo"
Lucifera Mar 27 @ 6:53pm 
"LIE" - i do not lie with liars or atenshon adickded liars and i dont lie with liarist or liarphobic lieholes on liarsteam also not looking to lie or lie with other liars on liarsteam i am here to lie so dont waste my lietime .
Lucifera Mar 21 @ 2:45pm 
лжец - russian for "liar"
うそつき- japanese for "liar"
mendax - latin for "liar"
01101100 01101001 01100001 01110010 - "liar"
bréagadóir - irish for "liar"
liar - english for "liar"
说谎者 - chinese for "liar"
거짓말 쟁이 - korean for "liar"
lügner - german for "liar"
bugiarda - italian for "liar"
كذاب - arabic for "liar"
leuenaar - afrikaans for "liar"
valehtelija - finnish for "liar"
menteuse - french for "liar"
ψεύτης - greek for "liar"
pembohong - indonesian for "liar"
hazug - hungarian for "liar"
שקרן - hebrew for "liar"
valetaja - estonian for "liar"
பொய்யன் - tamil for "liar"