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4 hours ago
In topic goodbye earthfall RIP
Originally posted by Khatie:
Please check back in a few weeks when we have more news to share. :)

Shut the ♥♥♥♥ up. SInce 5 months no update! Scam dev!
May 18 @ 1:49am
In topic Bugreports
New update when?
May 16 @ 5:13am
In topic HIGH GPU temps. 91C
My GPU 1070 TI hits 83 C. Not more.
May 15 @ 1:07pm
In topic Did not get my supporter items
Buying Last Epoch through Steam gets you the Ancient Gladiator Supporter Pack:

Access to Last Epoch Beta and Full Release (Beta will be live until full release)
Juvenille Skullen cosmetic companion to follow you around through the world of Eterra
Ardent Gladiator forum badge showing your early support
350 Cosmetic Coins to purchase in-game cosmetic items at release
Full digital soundtrack at release

I did not get them
Ja das Spiel ist in Deutsch. Die Sprachausgabe ist aber in Englisch.
May 14 @ 1:02am
In topic Gothic Vergangenheit.
Also mich hast du jetzt neugierig gemacht. Was hat das Spiel mit Gothic zu tun?
May 14 @ 12:46am
In topic Graphic issue at launch
Ok rly guys you do not see the 3D effect on the buttons, you kidding me?!
May 13 @ 11:33am
In topic Graphic issue at launch
Originally posted by Piscean Visi⦾n:
Originally posted by Vukasin_Dordevic:
Same any fix?
Other than everything is in German I don’t see any problem here.

You do not see a problem at the buttons?! You serious?
May 13 @ 11:07am
In topic This or Wolcen? These are my favorite RPGs. Why nobody recommends Sacred?
Originally posted by nomed74:
nun die aussage "nicht zu empfehlen" ist definitiv fehl am platz für EA/Beta , da sollte man schon das full release abwarten mit so einer aussage ;)

Man sollte schon weiterlesen und das "im jetzigen Zustand!" auch verstehen!
Originally posted by nomed74:
ist ne BETA oder? *kopfschüttel*

Mann muss eher über die Leute die die Ausrede wie Du nutzen den Kopf schütteln. Early Access ist dafür da um jeden Fehler zu melden und alles was einem nicht gefällt zu sagen. Early Access bedeutet nicht, alles hinzunehmen. Mann soll nicht erst zur Release version sagen was einem nicht gefälllt, denn dann ist es zu spät!
May 13 @ 4:36am
In topic Graphic issue at launch
buttons in main menu look like the game runs in 3D. They have this 3D effect if they are doubled do you know what I mean?
Endlich hängt er nicht mehr. Aber der Auflösungsbug ist leider noch vorhanden.
May 13 @ 12:09am
In topic Titan Quest - Update 2.3
GOG Version is still on 1.57
May 12 @ 1:33pm
In topic Plz add DeskScapes 10
Ok or just add all your software. I really like all your softwares ;)
Ende Dezember 2019 hört sich gut an, bin sehr gespannt.
May 11 @ 12:21am
In topic Plz add DeskScapes 10
Plz add DeskScapes 10
May 10 @ 12:42pm
In topic German language Patch is here:
May 10 @ 12:41pm
In topic Does this game work in Windows 10?
Yes it does. Look at my Review it will tell you how to start the game without crashing!
Oh and if you need a german language patch. I can help you too.

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