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Personal Achievements

Off the Course

Complete the basic training mission

Rebuilding Forces

Complete the squad training mission

Unexpected Allies

Complete the economy training mission

The Last Impediment

Complete the base building training mission

Lindisfarne Riches

Complete Ulf Ironbeard's campaign

Rurik's Reign

Complete Rurik's campaign

Edward and Godwin

Complete Edward's campaign

Harold's Guerilla Warriors

Complete Harold's campaign

Rudolf of Habsburg

Complete Rudolf's campaign


Complete Mieszko's campaign


Start a match in Multiplayer or against AI


Win a match in Multiplayer or against AI

Fallen Warrior

Lose a match in Multiplayer or against AI


Win a Multiplayer match or AI Skirmish in less than 8 minutes.

Uber Micro

Win a match against an AI on Insane difficulty

Squad Proficiency

Specialize ten squads
0 / 10

Squad Veterancy

Unlock a veterancy ten times
0 / 10

Lost Ones

Replenish a squad ten times
0 / 10

Elite Unit

Reach maximum level with any squad


Raise a squad's armor to its maximum level

Through Defenses

Destroy a village with Gold defense

War Machine

Destroy any building with a siege machine

War Veteran

Defeat each type of unit in the game at least once

Commander Veteran

Recruit each type of unit in the game at least once

It's a... trap.

Make an enemy trigger a trap you built

It's a TRAP!

Detect and destroy five enemy traps
0 / 5

Time to Work

Send peasants to work at a resource point 50 times
0 / 50


Defeat an entire enemy squad with ranged attacks only


Raise the defense level of your village


Raise the alarm in your village

Who is there?

Sneak into the enemy base undetected

Deer hunter

Don't let any of the enemy convoys pass through the outpost

Church of misery

Find out what happened to the villagers

Not on my watch!

Destroy all enemy ships

Whack a mole

Don't let the enemy attack any of the catapults from your team

Boleslav the Brave

Complete Boleslav's campaign


Get rid of all the bandits and save all the villagers in Pokarvis

Elite Marksman

Defend Lubawa only using ranged units

Teutonic Meticulousness

Capture all the villages near Christburg

Trap Sweeper

Disarm all the traps without being detected in Natangia forest


Finish the Battle of Lidzbark in less than 25 minutes

Konrad von Thierberg

Complete Konrad's campaign

The Knights of the Cross

Start Konrad's campaign

Perfect Commander

Do not lose any squad in mission Battle Of The Horns Of Hattin

Hard To Kill

Complete all quests with only one Hassassin squad in mission The Messengers Of Death


Claim all of the wells in mission Impatient Vengeance

No Pain, No Gain

Claim all the villages and expand your base in less than 30 minutes in The Last Straw mission

Holy War

Kill all Christian preachers in Siege of Jerusalem mission

Salah ad-Din Yusuf

Complete Salah ad-Din Yusuf's campaign

Righteousness of the Faith

Start Salah ad-Din Yusuf's campaign


Kill enemy hero in Multiplayer or Skirmish match with Hassassin's squad

Little Boys

Kill 5 enemy squads in 1 minute only using Grenadiers


Win a match on Desert And Wilderness, Crusade Of Anarchy or Scorching Quarrel


Win a match with Saracens in Anihilation Mode

Destructive Stinger

Destroy enemy's Town Hall using Scorpio

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