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God Bless My Father

May he forever rest in peace


"Its not how long you lived, Its how you spent it."
"If you're really good at something, You dont need to prove it."
"Follow your hearts decisions, Because that is what you know to be most true."
"Someone will reach their full potential only when they do what they were born to."
"If you dont know what to believe you're going to be ready to believe anything that they want you to believe" -Tyrese Gibson
"Do not define someone by a trait, Unless that define theirself by that trait."
"Every day is a gift, not a guarantee. Live each day, and love each person as if it was the last time you would see them, because one day that day will come."
"Hurt people that love us, Love people that hurt us" -Kendrick

-Vehicle Modeling
-Guitar playing
-Mechanical drawing
-Working on my car
-Photo editing

Favorite Bands/Artists
-Jimi Hendrix
-Red Hot Chili Peppers
-Foo Fighters
-Five Finger Death Punch
-The Beatles
-John Mayer
-Curtis Mayfield
-Deep Purple
-Guns N Roses
-The Script
-Michael Jackson
-Led Zeppelin
-Pearl Jam
-Van Halen
-Audioslave/Chris Cornell
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Mac DeMarco
-Tame Impala
-Limp Bizkit
-Kendrick Lamar
-Kid Cudi
-A$AP Rocky
-Isaiah Rashad
-Robert Glasper Experiment
-Ice Cube
-Snoop Dogg
-DJ Quik
-Dr Dre
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stolichnaya May 15 @ 3:07am 
Hi. This is an invitation to the Soviet Metal group, the group is about rock and metal music of the Soviet Union and 90s Russia. Join if you're interested.
mannyh Mar 5 @ 8:28am 
mild pile 69 Feb 24 @ 8:47pm 
doctors hate him, find out why (now)!!!