Von Raptor
Mighty King of the Scrubs

How doth the little Chameleon
Improve his shining blade,
And in the halls of Aiguillon
Ply his macabre trade!

How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spreads his arms,
And welcomes little droids in
Before he darkly farms!

"Scapabobididdywiddilydoobapbapaphobia - the fear of freestyle jazz."
Captain Sensei 2015 年 7 月 3 日 上午 10:41 
Hi, Im cleaning up my friends list, feel free to add me back if you want to.
Kebnekaiselainen 2015 年 1 月 25 日 上午 1:28 
Just a few months ago, I was diagnosed with scapabobididdywiddilydoobapbapaphobia. Tragic really.
Hmmt 2015 年 1 月 24 日 下午 7:13 
Ooooh a new profile picture 3:
Qpangfire 2014 年 12 月 4 日 下午 11:33 
Hi raptor I'm qpang
Midnight_Zero 2014 年 7 月 9 日 上午 5:55 
You are The Best Voltar I have ever played with :D
Kaiga 2014 年 6 月 28 日 上午 4:18 
My bad, i seem to have unfriended you by accident =/