redhead, best head
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Want to hear my donkey impression?
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probably can merc if you ask me, but not weekends, probably drunk as fuck
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Any other class high
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gonna start posting quotes from games i play
23:52 - Fairi: i wish tf2 had more africans

*DEAD* Mister Tom : ginger snap is shitty :v ginger snap is shitty :v ginger snap is shitty :v
Method! Apr 18 @ 4:40pm 
Aimbot suspect -rep
Kazerz Apr 13 @ 6:12pm 
Hey I saw you on casual and you're pretty impressive, wonder how many hours you have.
CarryZ Apr 12 @ 10:36am 
better than a demo main
Pendulum Feb 28 @ 8:37am 
now i will drop the "your mom gay lol"
Ales Feb 28 @ 8:31am 
laggy rusisan nigger that cant play for shit
Pendulum Jan 21 @ 4:19am 
hacker cunt i agree @tc7d7