Marc Antony
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
In the end, when it’s over, all that matters is what you’ve done

Viva Morior

Notible Deeds as Marc Antony:

- Founding of Senatus Popolusque Romanus along with Emperor Julianus
- Successful liberation of S.P.Q.R. from the hands of the once tyrant Emperor Julianus
- First in RP history to be elected Imperator (Emperor).
- First in RP history to use the title "Imperator" and "Pharaoh"
- Successful retaliation and supression of Alyx.
- The complete obliteration of Red Skipper and his support/ influence and group after his failed impersonation of me.
- Creation of the Council of Nations
- Creation of A.T.S
- Creation of Steam Wiki
- Creation of ARPANET
- Creation of Tiers
- Creation of UN type groups
- First to unite two Superpowers
- Recieved the Honour of Distinction from Usual Suspect
- Founded the First Triumvirate between TLR, TRE, and SPQR called Supreme Senate of Rome
- Founded the first Elder Scrolls RP

Notible Deeds as Perikles of Athens

-Created the first historically accurate and fully functional Direct Democracy in RP.
-Founded the Union of Steam Roleplay Group: Successor to the Council of Nations
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