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in the dream, i am the steam, its me
the vito HASS the profile

19:24 - Vito: maybe im being bad??
19:24 - Vito: no.... its the game that is wrong

▼­◄▲►▼◄▲►▼▼◄▲►▼ damn i dropped my dorites


Quotes and stuff:

Horatio: Vito X Man, aged 45 at death, was eaten by a pact of chilean wolves. One might suspect that his torrenting of five thousand dollars in chilean games factored in those gaming companies sending the wolves to his bugalow/bachelor pad in Chile, Mexico. MEXICO

Horatio: VitoXman wondered hopelessly, a lone wolf with nothing but the clothes on his back and the chilean games he has pirated
Horatio: VitoXman stuck gold when he wandered into an American military base, where they recruited him as a covert specialist with the intent on suicide bombing the enmy

Horatio: Vito deviated from his course, putting fate and destiny aside by bombing the entire American base
Horatio: he was pieced back together by scientist and reknowned medical doctor Gelegen

Horatio: where he has yet to learn that his entire story is the basis of a plan to overthrow the chilean administration to allow free pirated games for ALL

Horatio: The VitoXman Conspirato
Horatio: fuck you jim
Horatio: Conspiracy

Vito: get
Socpens: n
Vito: get an ipad
Socpens: i want magic fill
Socpens: FUCK you
Vito: B)
You have been banned from the chat by Socpens.

John LeClair: >3 goals on 3 shots
>Michael FUCKING Leighton
Soc Miller: what an unfortunate middle name.........

21:59 - Carlego ✔: das it
21:59 - Carlego ✔: yes im vito
21:59 - Carlego ✔: penid
21:59 - Carlego ✔: i like to spam a
21:59 - Carlego ✔: im chilean
22:00 - Carlego ✔: a
22:00 - Carlego ✔: a
22:00 - Carlego ✔: a
22:00 - Carlego ✔: im vito
22:00 - Zertius Julius Caesar Augustus: big chilean
22:00 - Zertius Julius Caesar Augustus: a
22:00 - Zertius Julius Caesar Augustus: a

23:46 - dorito ∆∇∆∇∆∇∆: god fkuc
23:46 - dorito ∆∇∆∇∆∇∆: i got cum on my sideburns again

16:03 - Heroshi: god i love dicks

15:48 - socpens: i love it the cocks and the gay lifestyle
15:49 - socpens: i cut off my buttcheeks use them as chip bowls

16:00 - ҉☞Mel: you gigantic cucker

17:24 - eat a gun: u didnt remind me
17:25 - Vito: get google calendar retart
17:25 - Vito: get apple watch
17:26 - eat a gun: i need vitocock
17:26 - eat a gun: vitoclock**
17:26 - eat a gun: fug

pls rember that wen u tank an feel scare or frigten never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy wen u win battles

wen day is dark alway rember happy day

im just a guy with a lightsaber and a few questions
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das me
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List of my greatest allies, that have gifted me stuff:
Mooglepies, Admiral Garp, TrueBlue, Shasm, Clogg, Cheesecake, FurpNurp, FractalP, Socpens, DrAwesomo, Amortax, Prinny, Snork, Bya, Bonk, Hina Kagiyama, Anti-Spiral, Facemonsterbeast, A Living Chinese Savage Mongol, NotRicoRodriguez, Tom Servo, Slib, Daft, Novanim, Someplayer, Angry Turnip, Gentleman Yian Kut Ku, The Golden Witch, Gentleman Guy, Deci, Mira, John Redcorn fugg steam deleted the rest but you know who you are and thank you!
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Mano Jul 23 @ 8:20am 
You son of a whores and the interactive movie faggots are the worst thing that happened to Sony.

Thank god From Software exists and we have god tier game like Bloodborne on the PS4, but the rest is absolute dogshit.

I only have Bloodborne and the only games I will buy on the PS4 in the future are:
- Bloodborne 2
- Death Stranding
- Spider-Man
- God of War
- Deep Down
- Days Gone

These games have amazing GAMEPLAY.

No weeb faggotry, no interactive movie faggotry.
mezzy Jul 9 @ 6:44pm 
It's all aboot rescuing your father from the belly of the Ouroboros, that's hell like when Pinocchio becomes a donkey and enters the chaos which is the mother who eats her own son in mythology like Tiamat and is a dragon that's transcended by the perfect archetype at the top of the dominance heirarchy, it's what the post-modernists want to destroy and Nietzsche said we've killed pepe the frog, you need to clean your room before fixing the yin and yang
mezzy Jun 25 @ 1:41am 
Mano Jun 7 @ 6:35am 
Already playing Battleborn.

More fun than Overwatch. I didn't know that you can enjoy a game, because Overwatch always feels like work. I never had fun with Overwatch but Battleborn is fun so far. So many really different heroes and the maps feel more alive.
In Overwatch everything feels just like shit. Your team sucks? No competitive currency for you and enjoy your deranking with over 50 points. You have a Hanzo in you Plat group? GG! You want to play Symmetra? Enjoy the autist Overwatch community and how they will "communicate" with you.
Overwatch is the only game in my whole life where I can't play more than 2 game because of how tiresome everything is.