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ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ Demo/Scout main, weeb, probably edgy, who knows ヾ(・ω・o)
Unless I really know you, comment before adding me.
don't be an idiot in the comments, thanks

what is good luck? I don't get it

im sorry im not good i apologize for my ego please forgive me, im just a weeb

"Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection." -MLK

Infrared by Giron done 1-4-18

Ultraviolet by Viprin done 1-19-18

100% Terraria: 11-16-17

100% Cyberdimension: 4-8-18

Don't get me involved in unnecessary drama, thanks link --> link -->

Favorite Cereals of My Friends
Fish-Related Crimes S>57 unus: lucky charms
Uni and Noire: oatmeal
Oloof: lucky charms
Oloof: that and apple jacks
Sydkicvision42: resses puffs :3
SpotlightR.dukk: wheaties
Nep: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
FruitlessEagle: coco pebbles
Tako: eh, just rice crispys I guess
Pat4laifu: None.
Lo Wang: frosted flakes
Bonus Ducks!: most definitely Krave or Reeses Puffs

*DEAD* Carbonated Lava : To the one soldier who went all the way to our spawn to bomb me, you legend
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Always check my for anything that CAN be traded before you add me. Signed items will not be for sale either.

く__,.ヘヽ.    / ,ー、 〉
     \ ', !-─‐-i / /´
      /`ー'    L//`ヽ、
     /  /,  /|  ,  ,    ',
   イ  / /-‐/ i L_ ハ ヽ!  i
    レ ヘ 7イ`ト  レ'ァ-ト、!ハ|  |
     !,/7 '0'   ´0iソ|   |   
     |.从"  _   ,,,, / |./   |
     レ'| i>.、,,__ _,.イ /  .i  | Reisen does not approve of people who can't read
      レ'| | / k_7_/レ'ヽ, ハ. | these simple guidelines.
       | |/i 〈|/  i ,.ヘ | i |
      .|/ / i:   ヘ!  \ |
        kヽ>、ハ   _,.ヘ、   /、!
       !'〈//`T´', \ `'7'ーr'
         ト-,/ |___./
         'ー'  !_,.:

Pat4laifu, for being a super duper close best friend and a great partner for many, many games... before. (Is ∞ cool.) :Uni: :CyberdimensionUni: :rbrb1: :rbrb2: :rbrbu2: :rbrb3: :udonge: :rbrbr3:

PupVinsky, for being a great IRL friend, also gave me the Sulph Stove Pipe, DBD Pot, and australiums.

delano, for being someone you can talk to, and a good TF2 m8 :medicon:

Cosmic Afro, for providing tickets to play mvm missions with him and being an overall great person. Join his friendly, stellar community sometime! []

Dual, known him for a few years and was good to talk to during old times.

Bender, played some mvm and gave me many, many items that I will use forever. He is a great friend to all :rbrb1:

Kirby, a great man that plays a variety of games. Check out his stream! []

Lo Wang, gave me the unusual breakdance and is a decent TF2 player, and a good friend in general.

Demonic, gave me a target so I can warm up and is cool when he can be.

Fish, best friend for more than a year now and taught me most of the things I know now in tf2.

Hydra, who made some pretty sweet art of me and my good friends. Check them out!

Ducks, who is a friendly and great partner to everyone.

And everyone who's been in my open season teams for traditional 6s for being cool overall and listening to valuable feedback as we progressed.

Competitive "Compilation"
1-7-18 Prolander Cup: Disco Inferno, Div 3 1-2
5-20-18 Prolander Cup: AQUAFRESH.GG, Div 3 0-3
12-14-19 6s Exp. Cup: igtih, Div 4 2-2
RGL Trad 6s S1 w/Bud Squad, 4-4
RGL Trad 6s S2 w/Government Mandated Miniskirts, 4-5
Yomps Tournament IM 2, 1st place

"Wisdom comes from experience. Most of mine came from the lack of it."
"Losing is the second step to progress. The first step is recognition."
"Don't think it's going to happen. Know that it might happen."
"Consistency is better than clutch. If you clutch, then you or your team made plenty of mistakes and you just rolled 7's."
"Don't blame others for your mistakes, or else you wouldn't improve as effectively. At the same time, don't blame yourself for mistakes you never made, or else you'd have a burden you cannot easily remove, a self-imposed bar for improvement, and despair for an invalid reason. Put an end to despair from mistakes and you will learn better."
"Don't fear small odds. Expect them and adapt."
"The fear of rejection is worse than rejection. Confidence boosts your chances, and rejection gives you incentive."
"Don't hope for everything and leave it at that. Work for what you want, with what you have, when you can."
"Be nice for the sake of being nice, to put smiles on people's faces. It shouldn't be because you want to be thanked."
"Asking questions does not show weakness, but willingness. Those who think otherwise do not realize you've grown stronger."
"There is good in every bad, but there is bad in all good."
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hi mate, can you add me? just for a quick chat
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