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1. I know most ways to scam, so don't waste my time and your time to trying scam me. ⁦

2.If i didn’t accept when you requested, maybe i'm busy or sleeping on that time. therefore, just wait until i'm on.⁦

3. I always use my phone to check steam while hanging out, so even if my STATUS was OFFLINE i still can check any updates, friend requests, trade offers, etc.

4. I won't accept your friend request if you have private profile, VAC, OW, or trade ban or you don't have anything that could be interesting for me.

5. Before adding me, leave a comment on my profile with your reason.

6. If you have been deleted from my friends list, it's nothing personal, i'm probably just running out of space. Feel free to add me again.

7. I consider any kind of offers,feel free to make it. I am open to any good offers.

8. I DON'T have any vault/storage/smurf accounts! *Retaliate svx?*

9. I will NEVER add you from an alt account

10. I have +reps comments on wall and -reps, i don't delete 'cause i'm not a F:csgoa:G

Imagine Being This Dumb

"BOT David": Hi i am from the steam team we have been getting reports saying you scammed someone for a stattrak flip knife. Do you have proof you did not scam

BOT David": If you dont repsond weall have to take your knife and sell it to the person you scammed for free

BOT David" ok that is a permanent ban

BOT David" you are going be banned permanently because you arent doing what the steam owner said

BOT David: Send me a trade offer with all your items so my boss can see if you scammed

sen ♡ : whats up

sen ♡ : oh

sen ♡ : you're a goat aren't you.

sen ♡ : did u copy and paste this from somewhere?, i dont have a flip knife retard


age: yes
name: yes
relationship status: yes
gender: yes
who is that cutie in your profile picture: Brittany Venti

is this your main?

are my balls small?



🆅🅰🅻🆅🅴 employees are crackheads.

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𝙨𝙚𝙣 Feb 23 @ 9:21am 
i just changed the background, profile pic and removed artwork.
Unkindled The Tired Feb 23 @ 8:46am 
y do u keep changing ur profile?
𝙨𝙚𝙣 Feb 22 @ 3:44pm 
76561197960396236 Feb 22 @ 3:29pm 
can u help with operation missions?
𝙨𝙚𝙣 Feb 22 @ 9:30am 
i still have it
Unkindled The Tired Feb 21 @ 6:39pm 
I miss ur Megumin pfp