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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 8:56pm

Gregarious Groover

Use a Groove.
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 9:10pm

Diligent Downloader

Play a downloaded map.

Revenant of Regicide

Complete the prologue.

Puzzle Practitioner

Complete a puzzle.

Arcade Apprentice

Complete an arcade run.

Creative Cartographer

Create a custom map.

Cordial Commander

Win a skirmish game.

Worldly Warrior

Win an online match in Quick Play.

Grand Groover

Use every Groove once.

Quarter Queen

Complete an Arcade in hard difficulty.

Twinkling Tactician

Collect 200 stars.

Super Strategist

Obtain an S-Rank on every campaign mission.

Joystick Jostler

Complete all arcade runs.

Puzzle Professor

Complete all puzzles.

Art Aficionado

Unlock every item in the gallery.

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