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10.1 hrs on record
This game was the reason I even got an Xbox One a year or so back and I'm so glad it found its way over to PC as well. This is one of my favorite open world games of all time and its still just as fun to replay as it was my first go around. This was also my first time playing the DLC as well and man it's just as fun as the base game itself.

Honestly, there needs to be more games like these out there on the market (and if anyone knows of any that are similar of this, please let me know becuase I need to play them). It's a sandbox that has a very fun and interesting story with characters that put a smile on my face, dumb meta jokes and 4th wall references that I just adore more than anything else, satisfying gameplay and movement that never makes me feel like I'm slowly traveling from place to place to do each mission.

The only few gripes I have with this game is that I wish there was more interactivity with the town itself as you go along a la Saints Row or GTA. Doing that I think would've made this game even more perfect and higher on my favorite games list.

Also, I would like to note that there are still a few bugs that were in the Xbox version of the game that have made its way onto the PC and also I had a really weird issue where every once in a while, the game would kind of spaz out and I'd have these really intense flickering images on my screen of like the game going between complete black and the game. It only seemed to happen for certain sections and sometimes it'd just go away over time, or a restart would fix it.

Either way, if you love sandbox open world games, games that are just tons of fun or have fun and crazy story lines (Saints Row), please do yourself a favor and pick this up. $20 is a great price for this amazing game.
Posted January 21.
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6.2 hrs on record
This game is something that I personally never thought I would be playing because it's not technically my cup of tea.

But I have to admit, this game has delivered to me tons of fun in the mere 5 hours I've played it so far. It's such an exciting and great roleplaying game and if you play it with the right people, it just makes it that much more fun. If you're thinking about getting this game, I'd say to go for it! I don't think you'd be dissapointed.
Posted November 23, 2017.
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4.0 hrs on record
I went into this with very little expectations and I came out with what is probably one of my favorite games this year. This thing exceeded my expectations beyond a reasonable doubt and its been a long time that a game has made me feel this way. Shocked, scared, enthralled, you name it I was experiencing it. Please go into this game blind if you want to play it. It makes the experience so much better.
Posted October 14, 2017.
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20.3 hrs on record
I loved this game so much. Probably my GOTY as of right now.

Upon playing the demo right before it came out, I got feelings that made me feel like I was playing the first Bioshock again for the very first time (Bioshock is one of my favorite games of all time), and I was immediately hooked. The gameplay is fantastic, the story hooked me in damn near almost immediately and I just never wanted to put this game down, which is one of the rarest things for a game to do for me these days (and the fact that I put in almost 18 hours in for my first run of the game is another proof of how much I was sucked in). Also, the soundtrack + in-game music is absolutely amazing and helps you get sucked even more into the atmosphere and setting on where you are.

I've seen people say that this game is like a mix of Bioshock, System Shock, Dead Space, and a few others, but I think those 3 right there are a perfect way to describe this game. It's an ultimate blend of all these 3 games and I just had the time of my life with this game.

Now, it's not a perfect game, as it has it's few share of weird things that happened (game crashed twice for some reason, fell through the map once, and also had an objective area be on the map but nothing to progress it) or things that seemed a bit out of place (I never really enjoyed going out into the exterior all that often, just wasn't as exciting and I honestly avoided it if I could). But imo, these were minor as they were not a HUGE core of the game itself.

This game was absolutely great and even though I've finished the story for now, I already wanna start it over and play it again. Imo, this game is worth checking out at some point, as it really is one of the better games of this year and as of May 2017, it's my personal GOTY.
Posted May 19, 2017.
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8.5 hrs on record
Dead Rising was one of the first games I ever played on my older cousin's Xbox 360 back in 2006. I remember playing it and immediately falling in love with the game; running around and hitting zombies and kicking the soccer ball at them always filled me with joy.

Cut to about a year later and I got my very own Xbox 360 and this was the very first game I bought. I spent hundreds of hours on my Xbox, playing this game and enjoying the everliving hell out of it. Over time, my Xbox died out and I wasn't able to play the game anymore as getting any game to run on that Xbox was just a nightmare to run, and eventually I moved over to Playstation and PC, and it was a long while since I had played it.

Then I see that Dead Rising was being remastered for the PC and now it's here. It's still just as amazing as I remembered it and it was great to begin playing it again from the start and rexperiencing everything that I did almost 10 years ago. Now, it's not a perfect game. There's plenty of little issues with the game (the AI companions, the shooting mechanics, etc), but the remaster kept all of those features just like how they were in the old games, which is one of the nice things of a remaster; giving the game a fresh look but keeping the exact same feel.

The port runs very well for me with little to no issues and I've had a blast playing it. If you've never been able to play it before, I highly recommend picking it up when you can, becuase it is a gem of a game to play through and is the best one in the series in my opinion; and always will hold a special place in my heart for me.
Posted November 23, 2016.
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1.5 hrs on record
Alright, so Superhot. A game that's been in development for quite some time and finally has its release date upon us. Is it a good game? Yes. Is it worth the price they're asking for? Eh. In my opinion, not entirely. Why do I say it's not entirely worth it? I'll try my best to explain why. (minor spoilers here and there)

TL;DR Version: Gameplay is great, campaign is short, littered with extras, at this moment dependent on your will to replay a lot of the levels through a plethora of challenge modes. Wait for a price drop if things such as challenges and things such as endless mode don't entice you enough to play this game more.

The gameplay itself is still really really enjoyable. Superhot definitely has done something different and innovative with the FPS genre and it does make this game a blast to play. The ability to focus on time only when you move sets yourself up for some unique gameplay experiences and almost a puzzle-like experience as you have to figure out and plan what your next move will be so you don't wind up dead. That is something that I really enjoyed and I hope more future games begin to try new and innovative things like Superhot was able to accomplish.

Campaign: The campaign is short, and I do mean short. I will say this, if you were able to play the beta or watch someone play the beta all the way through; you've seen about half of the entire campaign already. There are some new things that came from the beta and new abilities, but even with all the new things that happened with it, I was still actually able to beat the entire campaign in about an hour. That hour was even with a few amount of deaths as well. Now I usually go a little faster through my games than others, but even so; it shouldn't take me only one hour to beat an entire campaign. The campaign was fun though while it did last, so at least I can say I don't regret my hour that I did spend playing it.

Extras: Now here's where a lot of people are saying where the game is worth it, and honestly I can kind of half agree. Starting up, you alone get a bunch of mini games in the form of ASCII art and the such, which is really neat to sit around and toy with for some time if you're frustrated with the main story or extras, or you just want to really check everything out. It really is fun to sit and mess with those while you explore the menus and find new things hidden in the game. Now, also after you beat the game you get tons of new challenges such as Endless Mode, Speedrun mode, Katana mode and many more just to name a few. While these challenges can be fun, it also relies on the fact that you enjoyed the game enough to replay the same levels over and over, as that's all you can really do for some of these modes (I haven't tried endless mode, but I do know that the challenges such as speedrun and katana mode just replay the same levels from the campaign.) They do bring a nice challenge and a score attack-esque theme to the game, but they're only worth your time if you personally can repeat and replay the levels again. A level editor would be very nice here, and I hope they support it enough to add one in, which will definitely increase it's playtime.

Other: There were a few parts where FPS would drop significantly. Having a GTX 950, 16gb of ram, and an FX-6100 processor, it was odd to have a lot of dropped frames, but it only happens when there's a significant amount of stuff happening. Hopefully this gets tweaked a bit, especially for some users with lower-end computers can handle it better becuase this game is a lot more harder when you're not playing at a smooth framerate.

Conclusion: Despite how short the game was, I still had a blast playing it. The gameplay is fun and innovative in a time where we need some games like this to spread out and show other developers (indie and AAA) to really break outside of the box and try something new. Albeit a short campaign, the amount of challenges and extras that are there are enough to give any time attack fanatic or the game spelunker a bunch of aspects to go and looking for with completing challenges, finding secrets, etc. However, based on it's 25 dollar price tag (or 22.49 up until March 3rd), unless you think you really are going to love and enjoy every little aspect of the game, I'd suggest holding off a little bit until the price drops or a sale, or until there's maybe other things added to the game that will make it more worth the price that they're asking for. Hopefully, they'll add in new things such as a level editor for challenge modes, mod support maybe, and many other things that will continue to make this game even better.

Final Rating:
Gameplay: 9/10
Campaign: 7/10
Extras: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8/10
Posted February 26, 2016.
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1.0 hrs on record
This is a fun little game. It's a fun little blast and honestly can be a little tricky at times but the fun shooting mechanics along with slow mo just makes it such a blast to play.

However, it's extremely short. The 1 hour I have on this is the time it did take me to beat the game on Normal mode. There is some extras and time things such as speedrunning/arcade which I thoroughly enjoy; but if you're not too much into that there's not an extreme amount of replayability here.

For the 5 dollar price tag, is it worth it? I'd say yes if you're into platformers and action games and you know you'll want to possibly play this more than once. I'd still recommend it though to everyone, but on a sale if you're not too sure if you want to buy it at full price.

Overall Rating: 7/10
Posted December 28, 2015.
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4.9 hrs on record
This game is absolute blast to play. While, a bit more on the shorter side, the story and gameplay are filled up with tons of interesting things that will keep you immersed and continously playing all the way up to the end.

The game itself consists of just you in a terminal layout and going around hacking websites and finding out what happened to the character "Bit" as there is more to what actually happened to him then meets the eye. Even if you aren't a hacker wizard (like myself), this game is really easy on guiding you in with tons of tutorials and hints and having easy buttons like TAB to fill out the programs and make it a bit more friendly to the average player.

The story is really really immersive and honestly along with the soundtrack is the best thing about the game. The creators really did a great job of making you feel like you are the actual hacker and you are the one that is under the control of all of this. Moving around and seeing all the ways the story builds up is suspenseful, well done, and overall kept me really going and a bit suspenseful at times. The soundtrack is also top notch by the way, which help to not only add to the immersion but really help tense up at suspenseful parts in the game and also really melodic when it needs to which is also a huge plus.

In the end, Hacknet is a brilliant hacking game with puzzle/mystery solving elements, a beautiful soundtrack, a wonderful story, and in overall a great game. I don't expect this to be for everyone because the terminal layout is all you're going to see and this game does a real job portraying you as a hacker so it can be a bit tricky at times, but in the end, it's something that I believe that you should try out if you're willing to tackle on the puzzles and mysteries, as this is definitely not a game for just the casual puzzle solver.

All in all, fantastic game albeit a bit short and sometimes a bit tricky and difficult.

Posted September 1, 2015.
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9.8 hrs on record
I really enjoyed this game. It was just a fresh breath on the FPS market in my opinion and overall a blast to play in general. However, there are a few things that got on my bad side.

- Berserkers. I hate them. I don't like them. They weren't hard, just really annoying.
- The Boss fights seemed a little too easy, I felt like the waves of enemies you have to fight are a bit harder than the actual bosses themselves, but I might chalk that up on the difficulty.
- There's a weird glitch with the dash that sometimes if you did it on stairs or down a small slope, you'll die instantly.
- Parts of the game will feel extremely repetitive and a bit boring to go through, which made it hard for me to finish this in a few sittings becuase I would get bored.
- Turret sections. Not a lot of them, but they are prevalent.
- The shield enemies. Annoying, but not hard either.

That's really it that got me negatively. I will tell anyone that if you are an average gamer or better, I definitely recommend you play higher than Normal because I only died 10 times through the entire game and only 3 of them were actual deaths and the other ones are chalked up to accidental deaths with the dashing glitch. Other than that, it was a blast.

- Looked great
- Sounded great
- Great story and gameplay mechanics
- Loved the characters (especially Hoji)
- Really loved the mini easter eggs like the arcade machines in the game, I thought those were neat.
- All the weapons and powerups were really innovative and great and I enjoyed all of them.

All in all, Shadow Warrior has some minor things about it that irked me, but nothing that took me away from a great experience and a fantastic game. It sells for $40 as of today (6/5/15) and I would honestly say wait for maybe a small discount or so because I personally just think its a bit much since you can buy the PS4 version for about 20 bucks at the stores. But, anyway you can get this game, highly recommend you do so.

Rating: 8/10
Posted June 5, 2015.
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11.1 hrs on record
This game was tons of fun to be perfectly honest. Being able to hack and slash with blade mode was fun and a really great and powerful story (coming from someone who really doesn't enjoy the Metal Gear Solid series itself). However, this game does have its flaws. The camera is really weird and can sometimes really hinder your playing especially when you're around or in a corner and you can't see what the hell you're doing. The blade mode is a blast but if you're playing on a mouse and keyboard, make sure you really understand how to use blade mode and how to parry because that is almost necessary as you progress in the game.

The biggest thing about this that will forever last on me is the bosses. Good god, are the bosses ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s. This game is without a doubt, has some of the hardest bosses (if not THE hardest) bosses I have ever played. It felt like there was a jump in difficulty among fighting against them and really ended up relying on you being able to constantly be on your guard and if you have no health packs (which come in through QTE in-boss battles and other than that are sort of scarce) you're going to have a hard time. The final boss is without a doubt the hardest boss I've ever had to battle. I spent 2 and a half hours trying to beat him on NORMAL and I had so much trouble with him and this was when the game flaws began to sort of shine more.

Despite the hard bosses and sometimes wonky camera, I could not stop playing this game, no matter how frustrated or angry I got. And even if I was frustrated, it made it all the more satisfying once finally beating the enemies and bosses and made this game so much better honestly. As much as I enjoyed playing this game, I doubt I'll be revisiting any time soon, since other than the VR Missions which you unlock in-game there isn't much more to do besides replaying the campaign. All in all, a very good game, but be wary of ridiculously hard bosses and sometimes camera issues and if you're playing on a keyboard/mouse, make sure you really learn the controls or else it'll come back to get you later on in the game.

Posted August 7, 2014.
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