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After nearly 3000 hours of gameplay, I can say without a doubt this is one of my favorite games! I've been banned from every server for, "Mass Rdm". I'd always come on to servers and I'd try to secure any type of weapon I could get my paws on and I'd try to takeout as many players as I could! It's pretty funny too because every admin sit is really just a meme sit with alot of meme opputunities. On TTT, I luvvveddddd being a detective that'd just wipe out everyone on the server while recieving report after report. On DarkRp servers I'd just self supply as a gun owner and wipe out as many people as I could before an admin could freeze me or tp jail me to them. On roleplay servers, I'd just goof off and not take rp serious and it really ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off alot of people who take gmod to seriously lul. In conclusion, I recommend this game if you like goofing off and if you like playing around in sandbox games with overpowered guns to meme everyone.

My RDM record on TTT: 29 Players (Entire Server)
RDM Record on Darkrp before ban: 73 Kills using nooby guns.

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