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Wtf this is so weird, not sure if I'll keep playing
I dont understand this, Im new what is happening lol
Sep 22 @ 5:53am
In topic Can we hide friend activity
It's annoying, useless and shows spoiler-ish screenshots and achivements. I dont want to know about their activity please
Heyyy they fixed it! Awesome!
Originally posted by Narcissistic Cannibal:
Originally posted by Vincent13122:
I dont think their coding skills are to blame here lol, this shouldn't be hard to fix, its more of a design issue, that can happen
No, first the new chat, now the library. Someone is obviously trying to show off by adding more useless "features" and changing something that has been perfectly balanced for years.
Ì dont disagree with you there, I dont need any of the new features except for the game news and updates part, same for the "new" steam chat, I dont need any of the new stuff and its muuch slower. All websites, tools, programs etc. receive these "overhauls" every now and then so the employees working on them stay employed it seems, its not like we needed this.

Its not terrible, however and they can fix the few issues with it, but yeah most of the new stuff is indeed unneeded.
Sep 17 @ 11:28am
In topic Can we hide friend activity on game pages
I dont care which achievements my friends have unlocked or what screenshots theyve taken, and I see a huge issue concerning spoilers with this thing as friends like to share screenshots etc. especially for new games, just imagine your friend playing Cyberpunk and uploading some spoilery screenshots... can we hide this please?
Originally posted by Narcissistic Cannibal:
+1, why would they even touch something that was working as intented? I don't want to see the categories from which I have no games currently installed.
The last couple of years make an impression that Valve is now overrun by children with basic coding skills who want to prove uncle Gaben that they are worth their salary.
I dont think their coding skills are to blame here lol, this shouldn't be hard to fix, its more of a UX design issue, that can happen
Good idea! Will do the same, thank you, let's hope they give us the option to sort them manually
Me too, I want software to be at the bottom since I use that the least, but it sorted above my other games collection
I have some collections of games (games that I am planning to play in the future etc.) that aren't installed currently and they still show up which clutters the view unnessecarily
That was much better before UX wise, now you wont even know a game has workshop support or cool new workshop content unless you scroll really really far down
Its unnessecary in my opinion and just increases game page load times and client performance
Sep 5 @ 12:12pm
In topic [Bug] Elven Seer Quest
I know this is an old thread, but what somehow worked for me was simply waiting. I couldnt pickpocket them so I was trying to craft an invisibility potion and during that somehow her mother recognized that her daughter was already back for 10 minutes lol
The first few hours of the game are more or less like a learning experience where you understand the games systems, your place in the world and how everything works together. Normal weaponry is much less effective than usage of the environment and your skills. This changes (imo sadly) later on and weapons become really powerful and break less.
Jun 25 @ 2:11pm
In topic Unable to purchase the Deluxe upgrade
Maybe the deluxe edition is free now lol. Would also love to know, the price for deluxe was always too much for me, but 5€ for the base game is a great deal
Jun 13 @ 10:23am
In topic New update?
Lol me too, I reinstalled the game 3 days ago ;_;
May 25 @ 3:10am
In topic Press f to respect this game...
May 7 @ 12:11pm
In topic Portal query
Yeah, its just too much for most pcs to handle since you essentially have 2 cameras for every portal - that means when you place your portals the game has to be rendered three times, at least I think thats how they're doing it.
Yeah, even though the leak was fake I'm expecting them to make it a timed exclusive for 6 months, just like Borderlands, but also release it on rockstars social club ,where they get a 100% cut
Originally posted by Barbanegra:
I've heard that red dead redemption 2 is going to be epic exclusive, I frogging hate those guys. I do.
Seems like that was fake though, the same guy said Mario Odyssey was coming to epic store as well, which is never going to happen because Nintendo
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