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Aiolia Mar 20 @ 9:27am 
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added for a question
Саня хуй соси Mar 2 @ 11:40am 
наруто это ты?
♥Angeloflove♥ Jan 20 @ 10:36am 
+rep Good demo which can aim with the loose canon and good demoknight.
MS ✈ England Jan 13 @ 3:40pm 
I'm often asked "MS? Why do you play so much Spy?" there's only one real response tbh:

Trickstabs... Stair Stabs, Matador Stabs, Understabs, and oh boy, don't forget one of my favourites, the Corner Stab!

Every time I get a trickstab, I feel an immense about of pleasure! When a player responds with "Facestab!" or "???" it feels all the sweeter!

When I'm not trickstabbing bitches, I tend to indulge myself in some clean Sniper picks, OH MOMMA! That Sniper was scoped in, concentrating on his shot, to suddenly die, fills me with joy!

I could talk about Spy for ages, so I'll leave you with one more thing I find thrilling! Coordinated Saps! Oh boy! Talking to my teammate in Mumble saying "Sapping in 3...2...1... SAPPED!" feels amazing! Especially when I manage to pull off a successful trickstab on the Engineer along with a sap, then I can call one of my favourite things "Engineer down! Sentry Sapped"

These are some of the many reasons I find the class so delightful =)
MS ✈ England Dec 10, 2017 @ 2:37pm