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♥Favorite Song Quotes♥
”A house made of cards and us inside. Even if you say you can see the end, even if you say it’ll collapse soon. A house made of cards and stupidly, us. Even if you say it’s a useless dream, just stay a little more.”

”As time goes by. My longing for you is growing.”

”But if I go away, I’m afraid I would lose you. What should I do? Should I hold onto you?”

”Don’t worry about anything. I’ll do everything.”

”Fly way over there so the world can see you.”

“For you, who is sad and crying. For you, who is struggling. I’ll sing this song for with with all my heart.”

”How loud should my voice be to reach you?”

”I can’t show you a run- down part of myself. I wear a mask again and go to see you, but I still want you.”

”I didn’t know you, I didn’t know your heart, I didn’t even know that you were getting farther away.”

”I didn’t know when it bloomed, and even if it becomes a big cut in our relationship. Maybe it’s not our fault.”

“I don’t know why am I looking for love again like this? To make my heart flutter?”

”I feel that you’ll disappear to a far off place, I’ll always miss you(miss you). All the words in my heart I can’t show them all to you. But it’s that I love you.”

”I know one thing, that is you will fall in love with me. It means you’ll become my everything.”

”I smiled while pretending I was fine, baby.”

"I told you several times, I only have one person. It’s cute, your’re not acting like yourself.”

”It hurts me to see you in pain.”

”It was you who came to me, got me up. You were more earnest than the rainfall. I have a wish that I’d like to tell you, please stay as you are right now.”

”I’m scared that my hidden feelings would show. I hurt on my own.”

”Like my disappearing shadow, I’ll leave.”

Lighting star, shooting star. Gonna give you my galaxy. Cause I’m a pilot, anywhere. Cause I’m your pilot, by your side. Gonna take that star and give you my galaxy.”

”My heart fills up then it tips over, for me, a day feels like a month.”

”My heart hurts, but you’re more precious to me.”

”My one and only, have I ever told you that you are my everything. You’re my destiny, I want to protect you until the end of the world.”

”My winter melts away. (Spring), Start you’re blossom.”

”One day, one month, one year later. We love a different life.”

”People tell me that I’m nothing, but you tell me that I’m the only one.”

”Remember me, your light.”

“Shocked by the bursting rain drops, you are avoiding the rain. Don’t turn away, you caused the rain. You ignore my heart and you coldy avoided my tears. Don’t break my heart.”

”The pain that you handle by yourself, will you share some of it with me, baby?”

”The person who became a light, in my dark life. Such a precious person.”

”The words I couldn’t say, I hope they reach you. I hope our feelings reach each other.”

”There is an empty world deep in my heart, save me.”

”There was a smile, but it was wrinkled. Gave me the gift of life. How could you be so thankful for saying that I love you.”

”Trust my love, I won’t make you cry. My precious love, I’ll be by your side forever.”

“Undo my empty heart, fill me with unknown emotions.”

”Very close, reachable by hand, there is my true heart.”

“ “What am I to you?” Am I being too greedy by asking you this question? To you, I gave everything I had and everything I don’t have, but I feel like having the slightest expectation is undeserving of me. I can’t take one step out of your world anyways. All I need is our relationship to be remember beautifully and displayed in an aisle in your memories. When your mind is quiet, you’ll discover me, it might have smart of me to love like a fool instead.”

”When I look into your eyes, tears are about to fall down. When the lonely night comes, should I fly in the wind, go somewhere else? I will stay by your side.”

”We walk different paths in this space we don’t understand.”

”When you take one step, two step, away from me. I will take three steps towards you. So we won't get farther apart. When you take one step, two step, closer to me. I'll stay right here so it doesn't feel like our love is going too fast.”

”You always had a habit of telling me our looming farewell ( the last). I always had a habit of telling you I’ll do anything to protect you.”

”You seem busy, have you been pushing through with no time for a break? You don’t have to answer me, I can just feel it. Are you okay? I worry that I’m must’ve been hurting.”

”You’re my everything, love is true.”
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Some features I like in this game are how the game can be played in an either independent or team dependent base way and/or team base with unlock able weapons, taunts, cosmetics,items, among other things. Though people joke about this game and how "op" some set ups are or how "meta" some items are or how much their hat is worth(#HatFortress2) in the end of the day it's all up to how you play and if you had fun.

Edited: Though the game is "not as it was in its prime, when it became f2p", you can argue that it's "dead" as it has an active community and player base. After the whole wave of "Overwatch killing Tf2" I am confident to say that Tf2 is very much alive and a game that I continue to and love to play.

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