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Yoon MiRae: “I’ll Listen To What You Have To Say”

For you, who is sad and crying.

For you, who is struggling.

I’ll sing this song for you with all my heart.

When you think you’re alone, when you suddenly start to cry.

When you feel like no one is next to you,

Remember that you’re not alone.

Even if the world always hurts you.

Even when you feel lonely or sad, don’t cry.

I’ll wordlessly hug you, I’ll listen to you.

Look back, I’ll be here.

I’ll wipe away all your tears,

Even all your loneliness.

On a sleepless night, when you’re in your lonely and empty room.

When there’s no one to listen to you.

When hardship comes to you like falling rain,

And drenches you without being able to avoid it,

Remember that you’re not alone.

Even if the world always hurts you.

Even when you feel sad or lonely, don’t cry.

I’ll wordlessly hug you, I’ll listen to you.

Look back, I’ll be here.

I’ll whipe away all your tears,

Even all your loneliness.

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❤Favorite Song Quotes❤
”A house made of cards and us inside. Even if you say you can see the end, even if you say it’ll collapse soon. A house made of cards and stupidly, us. Even if you say it’s a useless dream, just stay a little more.”

”But if I go away, I’m afraid I would lose you. What should I do? Should I hold onto you?”

"But when I look at you, I'm happy."

”Everyday I go through the same routine.”

“Hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me tight, more & more.”

”Honestly I want to be with you all night.”

”How could you be so thankful for saying that I love you.”

”How loud should my voice be to reach you?”

”I can’t show you a run- down part of myself. I wear a mask again and go to see you, but I still want you.”

”I didn’t know you, I didn’t know your heart, I didn’t even know that you were getting farther away.”

“I don’t know why am I looking for love again like this? To make my heart flutter?”

”I feel that you’ll disappear to a far off place, I’ll always miss you(miss you).”

”I fell in love with you, I haven’t been able to say.”

”I guess my depressed feelings aren’t even noticeable, I guess I’m hate-able. Everyone is having fun and laughing, maybe they’re laughing at me.”

”I have a wish that I’d like to tell you, please stay as you are right now.”

”I just need you and me together. Today and tomorrow, just like this.”

”I smiled while pretending I was fine, baby.”

”I want to tell you the echo in my heart.”

”In the end, who’s fault was it? There is no such thing as love.”

”It hurts me to see you in pain.”

”I’m scared that my hidden feelings would show. I hurt on my own.”

”I’m the only one that’s struggling.”

”It’s a strange feeling, rather than feeling comfortable, I’m attracted you more.”

"It’s cute, your’re not acting like yourself.”

”It’s so obvious to us,”I love you”.”

”Let’s stop with this breakup it’s all my fault. Just until you count all the petals, listen to me.”

”Like my disappearing shadow, I’ll leave baby.”

”Look back, I’ll be there. I’ll wipe away all your tears, even your loneliness.”

”My heart fills up then it tips over, for me, a day feels like a month.”

”My heart hurts, but you’re more precious to me.”

”My one and only, have I ever told you that you are my everything. You’re my destiny, I want to protect you until the end of the world.”

”One day, one month, one year later. We love a different life.”

”People tell me that I’m nothing, but you tell me that I’m the only one.”

“Shocked by the bursting rain drops, you are avoiding the rain. Don’t turn away, you caused the rain. You ignore my heart and you coldy avoided my tears. Don’t break my heart.”

”The only one who knew and looked at you.”

”The pain that you handle by yourself, will you share some of it with me, baby?”

”The person who became a light, in my dark life. Such a precious person.”

”The right feeling is entering one by one.”

”The words I couldn’t say, I hope they reach you. I hope our feelings reach each other.”

”There is an empty world deep in my heart, save me.”

”Trust my love, I won’t make you cry. My precious love, I’ll be by your side forever.”

“Undo my empty heart, fill me with unknown emotions.”

”Very close, reachable by hand, there is my true heart.”

“ “What am I to you?” Am I being too greedy by asking you this question? To you, I gave everything I had and everything I don’t have, but I feel like having the slightest expectation is undeserving of me. I can’t take one step out of your world anyways. All I need is our relationship to be remember beautifully and displayed in an aisle in your memories. When your mind is quiet, you’ll discover me, it might have smart of me to love like a fool instead.”

”When I look into your eyes, tears are about to fall down. When the lonely night comes, should I fly in the wind, go somewhere else? I will stay by your side.”

”We walk different paths in this space we don’t understand.”

”When you take one step, two step, away from me. I will take three steps towards you.”

“You don’t even know what I’m thinking.”

”You seem busy, have you been pushing through with no time for a break? You don’t have to answe me, I can just feel it. Are you okay? I worry that I’m must’ve been hurting.”

”(My eyes) only look at you. (My breath) is quickening.
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