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2015 - So much more to do. So many things to see. I hope you'll be in spirit right beside me. Thank you for all the fun and joy over these 20+ years of memories. It's hard to accept that life marches on.
2016 - Some people pray for a Guardian Angel to watch over them. You've protected me more times than I can remember.
2017 - Immortalized in the heart of your family. I can hear you walking into the house asking if anyone wants coffee from Dunkin.
2018 - I get excited seeing you again. We talk and play like nothing ever happened. Then I wake up and realize it's a dream no matter how real it feels.
Rest in Paradise. You're always our middle brother.

Hug someone important to you. Have no fear telling them you love them. You never know when your last chance to see them will be.

What does "a friend" mean to you?

The Day I Won TF2
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I clear my friend list of people I don't speak to. It's nothing personal.

Currently attending college for my MBA degree. Anime fan and avid gamer. Head Admin for the TF2 community Ponyville. College keeps me very busy, don't be offended if I don't answer a friend request or question right away.

Account Check- If these details are inaccurate, you are not talking to the real Videogames380:

1- Account was created on 25/12/2010 (DD/MM/YY).
2- 7 Years of Steam Service.
3- 8,000+ hours of TF2.
4- My Spirit of Giving has 10,381 gifts. (TF2)
5- Profile is always set to visible by anyone.
6- Comments are open to all Steam users.

I have one alt account. It has over 5 years of Steam Service. Anyone else claiming my name is not me.
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Zeke Aileron™ May 20 @ 3:33pm 
Free anime lessons, Yo i'm down for that! :Yuyuko:
Tako May 20 @ 3:30pm 
Is this where I get the free anime lessons? :Tenshi:
Bob Ross' Bad Hair Day Mar 3 @ 11:04pm 
I love you as much as how love is sweet. . ͜ʖ .

Alfie from 2010 says, "PAINIS XD"
RainBro™ Mar 2 @ 3:11am 
Hey sorry i didnt get on for awhile mind adding me back for a chat?