VexxilVapors   Cundinamarca, Colombia
:cleanfloppy:Full time animator:cleanfloppy:
:cleandino:Part time spymain:cleandino:
:cleanhourglass:A very wild personality:cleanhourglass:

Hello there, everyone knows me as Vexie, or Vex for short, i have a very unique personality and i`m very different in real life than i am online, you probably know me online tho, I tend to be quite passionate and an open book preety much. But in real life im not much of that at all, im very shy.
I have a passion for animation exclusively, meaning i love to do SFM animations and i ocasionally do some stuff in Maya also, and I hope to be as good as my idols someday, maybe even better than them.
I love to play videogames and sculpt small things out of clay whenever im not animating, TF2 being one of my favorite games ever, especially CTF gamemode, so you might run into me there, i will most likely be spy or medic.
Another thing i adore doing during my free time is dancing and watching anime, so yes you can consider me a weeb, but i'm not crazy for it.
Also please, do not talk to me about love, romance, or your personal problems, it's none of my business whatever you do in your spare time, so don't share it with me.

:cleankey:I really don`t like to socialize much with others, so if you send me a friend request, i`m most likely to reject it. Especially if i don't know you from anywhere. And if i've accepted your request but you never speak to me, i'm most likely to remove you.
:cleankey:About my animation workflow, i upload most of my work to YouTube, my channel is called VexxilVapors , you can check all of my work there. It's not much i know, working with SFM and Maya takes a very long time.
:cleankey:Don't expect me to talk much, since i normally do not, the reason being i've been betrayed multiple times in the past (not by scams), so i find it really hard to trust others. I only really express myself to those who i trust at the very least.

:fod2PB:Maulie, thankyou so much for being a good friend and for the gifts you`ve given me, i wish i could repay you.
:cozyrealmroyale:EvilTable! im so happy that you`re back, i really missed you.

"And a big thanks for taking some time to read through my profile."
:advent:NOW LET`S MAKE SOME NOISE:advent:
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Apathywitch Dec 9 @ 12:24pm 
Added because you were fun to play with!
Agent 7 Nov 19 @ 4:49pm 
i think its really cool how there are fans of splatoon around still and you told me ur a animator and i def find that fun and i hope you add me back it would be fun to play with you -Woomy
Dragonstriker789 Oct 29 @ 5:02pm 
Hi Vexxil I really love your animation and screenshot and think your a wonderful person and is it alright if can add you because I don’t want to without your permission.
Mr. Luigi Oct 19 @ 11:01am 
Heyo there Vexxil! I wanted to add ya because I happily accept splatoon animators and you played TF2 with me before. :3
MONDY MΔNJY Oct 19 @ 10:35am 
❤VexxilVapors❤ Sep 17 @ 9:33am 
Awwe, that's sweet. Let the chaos begin! <3