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Twitch []In the song titled "Milkshake" by Kelis, she exclaims how all the boys show up in her yard for milkshakes which claim to be better than mine. Not only is this self entitlement, but she doesn't give any valid reasons as to why her milkshakes are better. According to the lyrics of this boastful chant, she is willing to offer lessons for making such a milkshake but for a price. Could that mean that the ingredients used to make this milkshake cost more than the labelled price and instead of increasing it to maintain profit, she gives lessons on how to make such a milkshake in order to compensate for her lack of total earnings? Is she that desperate to keep the ALL the boys in her yard!? A low price in exchange for a higher consumer rate, and yet she claims that her milkshakes are better than mine. What if she were to increase the prices, will all the boys still head to the yard cause the milkshake is THAT good?? She even says that her milkshake making techniques "drive the guys crazy" and "freak these boys". It's unbelievable how one's milkshakes can be judged simply by how it's prepared. I highly believe that my milkshakes are capable of bringing all the people to the yard with hard work and reasonable prices. I'm assured that one day, I will be capable of creating ultimate milkshake which brings not only boys, but also girls to my yard. Let not one sex judge and conclude without having to hear from the other. And from there, it will bring equality and fairness into this competition of milkshakes. With that, I conclude that her milkshakes are not better than mine just because it brings all the boys to the yard.
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