|Vio| Big Boss.:|ᴰᵀ|:
Ontario, Canada
Kept you waiting, huh?

Hello..I am Big Boss, a commanding officer of Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND, I'm in many military units such as Outer Heaven, Diamond Dogs, ect. I've served in many operations that i've been through...never giving up no matter what. I can still feel the phantom pain within me...from losing an eye, and an arm.

If you would like to add me as a friend then feel free to do that, anyway that is all for now.

Do you ever get this feeling....that you feel nothing but pain? I know the feeling. It's a phantom pain...something that I carry with me no matter where I go. When I told Kaz that "I'm already a demon", I mean that i'm already a demon that is filled with anger, anger from the phantom pain that is withihn me. Ever since the original mother base was destroyed, the only pain I felt was anger...hoping that one day I will get revenge, and also avenging those who had fallen from the hands of XOF.

I have a lot of permanent scars that tells a story about my phantom pain...they are the kind of scars that keeps reminding me about the horrific incident THAT I witnessed, an incident that almost killed me but yet I survived, I cheated death. And now...here I am, forever haunted from my phantom pain, and forever becoming a demon.

I'm an Admin of APC (AllPointsCommunity) so if you would like to add me for anything such as questions about the group and more...then add me and we can talk :P.

NOTE:I do not accept private friend requests...i'm not stupid enough to get myself hacked and or scammed, so for those who are sending me friend invites thats private, i will INSTANTLY decline them.

Currently Offline
Welcome to my profile!
-Insert Some Title Here-


I see you have arrived here in my steam profile...well i say Welcome m8! hope you enjoy your stay here..so grab a chair and relax like no Mann has relaxed before :P.

I'm currently a Full Moderator in Viodium (Gent merged with Viodium) so if you have any questions or concerns about anything at all about Viodium related stuff, then feel free to ask me and i will answer them the best i can. (Viodium officially got terminated due to inactivity, sorry for the late notice...I forgot to update this box when I returned to steam on my birthday. For more information about the termination, go to Viodium's group and look at their description. I know I still have the Vio tag but i'm keeping it...as a reminder that Viodium will always be remembered.)

Now as for friend requests..
If you want to add me as a friend then feel free to do so BUT i highly recommend you that you must follow the requirements i'm looking for...

1: That you have a public profile and ONLY a public profile.

2: At least post a comment on my profile explaining why you would like to add me. And when you state your reason..be specific, don't just say "cause i want to be your friend" or something...give out more details than that!.

3: I don't want to get into ♥♥♥♥♥♥ arguments, do that to me and you will be deleted from my list...

4: And last but not least, NO PRIVATE PROFILES ALLOWED!, i instantly decline private profile users (such as scammers/bots)

Follow those steps and maybe JUST maybe..i'll consider accepting your friend request.


-No Reminders at this time, might change it to something else-

Want to join my Discord Server? the link is below if you're interested! keep in mind that its still in development...though you can still join if you would like.

My Discord Server
Big Boss's Hangout [discord.gg]


Online: Doing random stuff like watching TF2 videos, preparing to go on a steam game etc. Want to talk to me? feel free to send a message! :D.

Away: Either listening to music on youtube, AFK, or just doing other things due to being bored.

Busy: Busy with IRL ♥♥♥♥, watching videos on youtube or reading creepypastas.

Offline: Well you obviously know that i'm offline..sleeping or something XD.

Do Not Disturb: Sleeping. Don't expect me to actually respond to your messages if I am "Online" because I may appear online, but I also have a Do Not Disturb status as On.

If you see either of those status's if you're my friend, those are just reminders on what i'm doing at some point. If i'm Away or Busy, i can still talk to you though but if you want to that is.

But keep in mind that if I don't feel like talking for any reason...then just give me my space, and i'm sure i won't get mad...just giving you a warning/heads up.


More Info!

If you want to be my friend on Xbox, my gamertag is shad0wmaster18. BUT make sure that you at least let me know that you would like to add me, so that way i won't forget...not that i do forget but sometimes i'm busy with other things.

Gamertag: shad0wmaster18 (I might think about changing the name if possible).


(You don't have to read this part but if you want to...be my guest) ---> As you may or may not know I have a Twitter Account (yes..i am now in the world of Social Media! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ), so if you feel like following me on Twitter, then feel free to do so! but I don't normally go on there 24/7 so..yeah.

My Twitter Account ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I forgot to update the link to my Twitter account XD


I got me another laptop again so i'm back ONCE AGAIN!!! though i will still be busy with stuff

🎄Operation Christmas 🎄

🎄-Operation Santa Snake-🎄

Its that time of year again....December has arrived (and even though its not Christmas yet), its also that time of year where I get all festive-looking and do my job as always. What job would that be? to deliver coal to all those who are naughty as hell! and also...deliver presents to all the good people.

If you're one of the good ones out there, then you are on my nice list! but if you're very naughty and have dissapointed good ol' Saint Snake, well then....consider yourself being on my NAUGHTY LIST! i have a Coal Launcher with each and everyone's name on it...and i ain't afraid to shoot coal at those who are considered naughty on my list...!

🎄-Remember...i'm keeping an eye (no pun intended) on my list, as I always, ALWAYS check it twice!-🎄

-Santa Snake 🎅:VSnake: 🎅


Poster Information:
I make posters for a living as a random hobby...you can check them out if you want in my Artwork section.

For those who wants to request a poster to be made by me, read this part below!

I make TF2 posters as a random hobby (although i'm not the greatest but still trying my best to make better posters). So I apologize if it looks a bit sloppy or whatever.

I dont take requests at all...BUT if you really want me to make you a TF2 poster, well all you gotta do is message me or post a comment on my profile and we'll discuss about the poster designs, etc.

-You must tell me what class you normally play as, be it soldier, heavy, sniper, etc.

-YOU MUST ALSO give me a list of cosmetics your class normally wears. If you have unusuals then include that as well, AND I need to know what effects you have.

-Give me a specific location as to where you want your poster to take place in! (unless if you want something random then i'll think about how this will work out).

-I forgot to mention that you do not have to pay me at all, since I literally make posters for anyone for free! unless if you wanna pay me for a poster...then that's up to you, BUT we have to talk about payments since I don't know how much I want to charge for a poster...just saying.

Artwork Showcase
Something random I made..
|Vio| Big Boss.:|ᴰᵀ|: Oct 30, 2020 @ 9:35pm 
It's birthday time for me, epic moment right here 🥳🎉
|Vio| Big Boss.:|ᴰᵀ|: Aug 20, 2020 @ 5:14pm 
back to normal
|Vio| Big Boss.:|ᴰᵀ|: Aug 20, 2020 @ 4:42pm 
For those alarmed or confused about my name change? it's still me, this is only temporary for now, I will change back later so yeah... at least you know why lol
Manners Apr 13, 2020 @ 7:42pm 
Someday somehow
|Vio| Big Boss.:|ᴰᵀ|: Feb 26, 2020 @ 11:49am 
DT stands for Dream Team, which is a group that's been around since 2015 that i'm still part of. Its not active a lot like it was but, I still remain with the group to this day and who knows? maybe one day we might make it active again
♤Leafy BFB♤ #TF2SP Feb 26, 2020 @ 10:42am 
im curious to know what the DT stood for, i kinda forgot